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  • Page 1 Quick Start Cable Modem MB7420...
  • Page 2 Packaged with your modem Power Cube Coax Wrench Ethernet Cable Velcro Cable Tie ® Para una Guía de Inicio Rápido en español, por favor vaya a
  • Page 3: Let's Get Started

    Let’s get started If you don’t have cable modem service, please order that from your cable service provider. Now connect your modem as shown on the next panel. Connecting to a Coax Cable On the next panel you’ll need to connect your modem to a “live”...
  • Page 4 ON/OFF button POWER Connect the supplied power cube between the power jack and an electrical outlet. RESET button ETHERNET (LAN) Here you can connect a computer, router, HDTV, game station, or other Ethernet- capable device. COAX Connect a “live” coax cable to the modem’s COAX connector as discussed above.
  • Page 5 Activate For some service providers, you activate by calling them. Many service providers including Comcast and Cox prefer that you activate by opening the Web browser of a computer that’s plugged into the MB7420’s Ethernet port.
  • Page 6 For Comcast XFINITY Users Only: If the activation page does not appear in your browser, please go to for more information and to activate your modem. If no registration page appears after following the browser instructions above, you need to contact your cable company to register your modem.
  • Page 7 If You Want to Connect a Router This connection is optional, done after the cable modem is activated. A wireless router lets multiple devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, video devices, game stations…) share your cable modem’s Internet connection, either wirelessly or through a direct Ethernet connection.
  • Page 8: Front Panel Lights

    Front Panel Lights LIGHT COLOR DESCRIPTION Blinking: Ethernet data is flowing Green Connected at highest LAN Green: speed, 1 Gbps Ethernet LAN Amber Amber: Connected at 10 or 100 Mbps port OFF: No connection Blinking: Trying to go online Green Online Online OFF:...
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting Tips

    Troubleshooting Tips What if I can’t make an Internet connection right after installation? • First turn your cable modem off for at least 8 seconds, then on, to see if that fixes the problem. • Check the connections you’ve made to your cable modem – power, Ethernet, and coax.
  • Page 10 What if I’m getting Internet service but my speed is disappointing? • Be sure you know what speed you’re paying for. • Check the speed with a computer plugged into the modem. Use one of the tools found when you search the phrase: broadband speed test.
  • Page 11: Limited Warranty

    We like to help. Please visit our support Website or call our support specialists. Our Website has our Motorola Mentor information, and also provides returns and warranty information. Email: Phone: 800-753-0797 Limited Warranty MTRLC LLC warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship for a warranty period of 2 years.
  • Page 12: Safety Precautions

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