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If You Want to Connect a Router
This connection is optional, done after the cable
modem is activated. A wireless router lets multiple
devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, video
devices, game stations...) share your cable modem's
Internet connection, either wirelessly or through a
direct Ethernet connection.
1. The cable modem and the router should both
be powered off.
Plug the cable modem's Ethernet cable into the
router's WAN port. (You may need to disconnect
the cable from your computer first.)
Power-up the cable modem. Wait for the
ONLINE light
to be solidly lit.
Power-up the router. Wait for the router to
complete its power-up sequence.
The LAN light
on your modem should be lit
to show the Ethernet connection to your router.
Follow your router's instructions for setting up
the router and connected devices.
Using a computer or other device connected to the
router, try connecting to the Internet. If it works,
Congratulations! Installation is complete.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents