Husqvarna Z 242F Operator's Manual

Husqvarna Z 242F Operator's Manual

Husqvarna zero turn mower operator manual
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Operator Manual
Z 242F
Zero Turn Mower / 967324401-00
Please read the operator manual carefully and make sure
you understand the instructions before using the machine.
Gasoline containing up to 10% ethanol (E10) is acceptable for use
in this machine. The use of any gasoline exceeding 10% ethanol
(E10) will void the product warranty.


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  • Page 1 Operator Manual Z 242F Zero Turn Mower / 967324401-00 Please read the operator manual carefully and make sure you understand the instructions before using the machine. Gasoline containing up to 10% ethanol (E10) is acceptable for use Original in this machine. The use of any gasoline exceeding 10% ethanol Instructions (E10) will void the product warranty.
  • Page 2 CONFORMITY CERTIFICATES USA requirements Labels are placed on the engine and/or in the engine compartment stating that the machine will fulfill the requirements. This is also applicable to special requirements for any of the states, (California emission rules etc.). Do not remove any of these labels.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ............... 4 Starting the Engine ........... 16 Driving and Transport on Public Roads ...... 4 Running ..............17 Towing ................. 4 Stopping the Engine ..........18 Operating ..............4 Mowing Tips ............. 18 Good Service .............. 5 Operating On Hills ............ 18 Manufacturing Number .........
  • Page 4: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION Congratulations Operating Thank you for purchasing a Husqvarna ride-on mower. This This machine is constructed only for mowing grass on lawns machine is built for superior efficiency to rapidly mow primarily and even ground without obstacles such as stones, tree large areas.
  • Page 5: Good Service

    INTRODUCTION Good Service Husqvarna's products are sold throughout the world and only in specialized retail stores with complete service. This ensures that you as a customer receive only the best support and service. Before the product is delivered, the machine has, for example, been inspected and adjusted by your retailer.
  • Page 6: Symbols And Decals

    SYMBOLS AND DECALS These symbols are found on the machine and in the operator manual. Study them carefully so that you know what they mean. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx WARNING! Xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx. xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx.
  • Page 7: Safety

    SAFETY Safety Instructions General Operation These instructions are for your safety. Read them carefully. • Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the machine and in the manual before starting. WARNING! THIS CUTTING MACHINE IS CAPABLE OF AMPUTATING HANDS AND FEET AND THROWING •...
  • Page 8: Personal Safety Equipment

    SAFETY • Always wear eye protection when operating machine. • Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while WARNING! Do not drive up or down hills with slopes operating this machine, including (at a minimum) sturdy greater than 10 degrees. Do not drive across any slopes. footwear, eye protection, and hearing protection.
  • Page 9: General Maintenance

    SAFETY • Remove gas-powered equipment from the truck or trailer • The blades are sharp and can cause cuts and gashes. and refuel it on the ground. If this is not possible, refuel Wrap the blades or use protective gloves when handling such equipment with a portable container, rather than from them.
  • Page 10: Transport

    A spark arrestor for the muffler is available through your outward position with elastic or ratcheting straps. Turn off authorized Husqvarna dealer. the fuel supply. Fasten the machine down with approved devices such as bands, chains or straps.
  • Page 11: Controls

    CONTROLS This operator manual describes the Husqvarna Zero Turn Rider. The rider is fitted with a Kawasaki four-stroke overhead valve engine. Transmission from the engine is made via a belt-driven hydraulic pumps. Using the left and right steering controls, the flow is regulates the direction and speed.
  • Page 12: Steering Control Levers

    CONTROLS Steering Control Levers WARNING! The machine can turn very rapidly if one steering control is moved much further forward than the other. Park Brake The machine’s speed and direction are continuously variable using the two steering controls. The steering controls can be moved forward or backward about a neutral position.
  • Page 13: Throttle Control

    CONTROLS Throttle Control Service Meter The throttle control regulates the engine speed and the rate of The service meter displays the total number of hours the rotation of the blades, assuming the blade switch is pulled out. engine has run and indicates when the engine and mower See Blade Switch.
  • Page 14: Fuse

    CONTROLS Fuse Cutting Height Lever The 20 amp primary fuse is located on the left hand side of the To set the deck cutting height, pull the cutting height lever machine. It is accessed by tilting the seat forward. The fuse is inwards and move it to the desired height notch.
  • Page 15: Fuel Tank

    CONTROLS Fuel Tank IMPORTANT INFORMATION Experience indicates that alcohol blended fuels (called gasohol, ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture which leads to separation and formation of acids during storage. Acidic gas can damage the fuel system of an engine while in storage. To avoid engine problems, the fuel system should be emptied before storage of 30 days or longer.
  • Page 16: Operation

    OPERATION Before Starting Read the Safety section and following pages, if you are unfamiliar with the machine. Read the sections on Safety and Controls before starting the machine. Training Perform the daily maintenance before starting (see Due to unique steering capabilities, zero turn mowers are far Maintenance Schedule in the Maintenance section).
  • Page 17: Running

    OPERATION Move the steering / park brake controls out to the locked Set the engine speed with the throttle. Allow the engine to position. run at a moderate speed, approximately mid throttle, for a short time before use. USE FULL THROTTLE WHEN MOWING. Running Release the park brake by pulling the steering / park brake controls inwards to the neutral position.
  • Page 18: Stopping The Engine

    OPERATION Stopping the Engine • When mowing large areas, start by turning to the right so that clippings will discharge away from shrubs, fences, Move the throttle to the minimum position (tortoise driveways, etc. After one or two rounds, mow in the symbol).
  • Page 19: Jumper Cable Use

    OPERATION Weak Battery Moving Machine By Hand When pushing or pulling the mower, engage the EZT bypass If the battery is too weak to start the engine, it should be linkages. The EZT bypass linkages are located on the rear of recharged.
  • Page 20: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Maintenance Schedule The following is a list of maintenance procedures that must be recommended to maintain your machine in the best possible performed on the machine. For those points not described in condition and to ensure safe operation. this manual, visit an authorized service workshop. An annual Read General Maintenance in the Safety section.
  • Page 21 MAINTENANCE At least Maintenance interval Daily once in hours each MAINTENANCE Before After year ■ Check/adjust throttle cable ● ● Check the condition of belts, belt pulleys ■ ■ Change the engine oil ■ ■ Replace the engine oil filter ■...
  • Page 22: Battery

    Visually check that no damage is found on the steering control levers, links or switches belonging to the park brake. Perform a standstill test and check that there is sufficient braking action. To adjust the park brake, contact the Husqvarna service workshop. IMPORTANT INFORMATION The machine must be absolutely standing still when applying the park brake.
  • Page 23: Safety System

    MAINTENANCE Safety System Tire Pressures The machine is equipped with a safety system that prevents All tires should be at 15 psi / 103 kPa / 1 bar. starting or driving under the following conditions. The engine can only be started when: •...
  • Page 24: Cutting Blades

    Route the belt forward and up onto the deck. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Special blade bolt is heat Place belt around spring loaded idler pulley. treated. Replace with a Husqvarna bolt if required. Do not Wrap the belt around the stationary idler pulley and use lower grade hardware than specified.
  • Page 25: Adjusting The Mower Deck

    MAINTENANCE Adjusting the Mower Deck adjustment. With an adjustable wrench, loosen the rear jam nut on the front suspension linkage. Make adjustment NOTE: This will place the mower deck in a standard to level with the front lift link nut. Clockwise raises the front measurement position.
  • Page 26: Lubrication

    Transmission The transmission is maintenance free with no need for level checks or oil changes. If a leak occurs, replace the unit or contact your Husqvarna dealer.
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Problem / Cause Engine will not start Engine overheats Blade switch is engaged Clogged air intake or cooling fins Steering controls are not locked in the outer position Engine overloaded Battery is dead Poor ventilation around engine Contamination in the carburetor or fuel line Defective engine speed regulator Fuel supply shutoff valve is closed Too little or no oil in the engine...
  • Page 28: Storage

    Never use Always use genuine Husqvarna spare parts. gasoline for cleaning. Use a degreaser and warm water. An annual check-up at an authorized service workshop is a good way to ensure that your machine performs its best the following season.
  • Page 29: Schematic

  • Page 30: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Engine Frame Manufacturer Briggs & Stratton Cutting Width 42" / 107cm Type Endurance Commercial Cutting Height 1.5" - 4" / 3.8 - 10.2 cm Power Uncut Circle Lubrication Pressure with oil filter Number of Blades Fuel Min 87 octane unleaded (Max Blade Length 21"...
  • Page 31: Torque Specifications

    TECHNICAL DATA Torque Specifications Standard ¼" fasteners 9 ft/lb (12 Nm) Engine crankshaft bolt 75 ft/lb (102 Nm) Standard " fasteners 18 ft/lb (25 Nm) Deck pulley bolts 75 ft/lb (102 Nm) Standard " fasteners 33 ft/lb (44 Nm) Lug nuts 75 ft/lb (102 Nm) Standard "...
  • Page 32: Service Journal

    SERVICE JOURNAL Action Date, mtr reading, stamp, sign Delivery Service Charge the battery Adjust the tire pressure of all wheels to 15 PSI (1 bar) Mount the steering controls in the normal position Connect the contact box to the cable for the seat’s safety switch Check that the right amount of oil is in the engine Adjust the position of the steering controls Fill with fuel and open the fuel shut off valve...
  • Page 33 SERVICE JOURNAL Action Date, mtr reading, stamp, sign After the First 10 Hours Change engine oil Date, mtr reading, stamp, sign 25-Hour Service Check the fuel pump’s air filter Sharpen/Replace mower blades if required Check the tire pressures Check battery cables Lubricate according to lubrication chart Check / clean the engine’s cooling air intake Clean the air cleaner’s foam pre-filter...
  • Page 34 SERVICE JOURNAL Action Date, mtr reading, stamp, sign 100-Hour Service Perform the 25-hour service Perform the 50-hour service Change the engine oil filter Clean/replace the spark plugs Replace the fuel filter Check V-belts Check / tighten caster wheel axle bolts (every 200 hours) Change the air filter’s paper cartridge Change hydraulic pump oil and filter.
  • Page 35 SERVICE JOURNAL Action Date, mtr reading, stamp, sign At Least Once Each Year Clean the engine’s cooling air intake (25 hours) Replace the air cleaner’s foam pre-filter (300 hours) Replace the air filter’s paper cartridge Change the engine oil (50 hours) Replace the engine oil filter (100 hours) Check / adjust the cutting height Check / adjust the park brake (50 hours)
  • Page 36 SERVICE JOURNAL Action Date, mtr reading, stamp, sign...
  • Page 37 SERVICE JOURNAL Action Date, mtr reading, stamp, sign...
  • Page 40 115 73 24-27 Rev A 2014-10-15...

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