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  • Page 1 24D2000...
  • Page 3: For Your Safety

    Energy Star This product qualifies for ENERGY STAR in the factory default setting and this is the setting in which power savings will be achieved. Changing the factory default picture setting or enabling other features will increase power consumption that could exceed the limits necessary to qualify for ENERGY STAR rating. SYMBOL SYMBOL DEFINITION DANGEROUS VOLTAGE: The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral...
  • Page 4: Precautions And Reminders

    PRECAUTIONS AND REMINDERS Place unit on even surfaces. Unplug immediately if other Do not cover or block any vents foreign materials are put inside TV and openings. Inadequate box or if the TV fell down. ventilation may shorten the life of the display unit and cause overheating.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read before operating equipment. • To reduce the risk of electric shock or component damage, switch off the power before connecting other components to your TV. • Read these instructions. • Keep these instructions. • Heed all warnings. •...
  • Page 6 • WARNING: Keep your TV away from moisture. Do not expose your TV to rain or moisture. If water penetrates into your TV, unplug the power cord and contact your dealer. Continuous use in this case may result in fire or electric shock.
  • Page 7 SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing this Haier product. This easy-to-use manual will guide you in getting the best use of your product. Remember to record the model and serial number. They are on the label on back of the unit.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

  • Page 9: Preparation

    PREPARATION TURNING ON THE TV Do not apply pressure to the screen display IMPORTANT: area which may compromise the integrity of the display. 1. Install the stand and place the TV on a solid surface. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover user abuse or improper installations.
  • Page 10: Peripheral Connection And Controls

    PERIPHERAL CONNECTION AND CONTROLS VOL- VOL+ POWER INPUT MENU Item Description Item Description Connect a coaxial audio cable Press to select the input source. COAXIAL from a sound bar, stereo system, Press the VOL+ button to change to INPUT receiver, etc. the selected input source.
  • Page 11: Making Connections

    MAKING CONNECTIONS CONNECTING TO AN ANTENNA/CABLE WALL CONNECTING HEADPHONE JACK CONNECTING EXTERNAL AUDIO/VIDEO DEVICE NOTE Using HDMI cable (best) making connections. To play from the external device: 1. Turn on the TV and the connected device. 2. Press INPUT to open the input source list, then press to highlight the input to which the device was connected and press OK to switch.
  • Page 12: Operating Instructions

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Item Descriptions USING THE REMOTE CONTROL disconnect power, unplug the power cord. Press to switch to USB input (USB multimedia mode). INPUT Press this key to select the CC ,ON or OFF mode and CC on Mute. Switch to the HDMI1(MHL) input, If the Roku Streaming Stick is connected, press this button to return to the Roku home screen.
  • Page 13: Initial Setup

    INITIAL SETUP • Air – Set the signal type to antenna. When set to Air, the TV can receive analog and digital (ATSC) broadcasting signals. will guide you through setting up basic settings • Cable – Set the signal type to cable. When set to including the menu language, time zone, and TV Cable, the TV can receive analog and QAM signal source.
  • Page 14: Picture

    PICTURE AUDIO Picture Mode Energy Saving Sound Mode Standard Picture Picture Brightness Balance Contrast Bass Audio Audio Color Treble Tint Surround Sound Channel Channel Sharpness Digital Audio Output Mode Color Temperature Cool Audio Language English Setup Setup Auto Volume Level Lock Lock Select...
  • Page 15: Channel

    CHANNEL SETUP Air/Cable Menu Language English Picture Picture Auto Scan Aspect Ratio Normal Favorite Mono Audio Audio Blue Screen Channel Skip Audio Only Channel Number Channel Channel Time Channel Label Noise Reduction Medium Setup Setup Lock Lock Select Exit Select Exit Air/Cable –...
  • Page 16: Lock

    LOCK Noise Reduction – Select the noise reduction mode to reduce picture noise (snow). You can select Medium/High. _ _ _ _ Enter Password Picture Closed Caption – Adjust the closed captioning settings. Audio CC Mode – Select closed captioning mode. You can select: Channel •...
  • Page 17 MPAA US Rating – Set the U.S. rating limits. comes from MPAA rules. TV – U.S. TV ratings. The TV ratings compose of two aspects: age-based and content-based. MPAA rating levels U.S movie (MPAA) ratings TV Rating General audiences. Picture Parental guidance suggested.
  • Page 18: Media

    MEDIA • Select or press on the remote control to stop slide show playback. The USB Media Player allows you to connect a USB • Select to change repeat mode. You can select device to your TV and play music or photos. Repeat One/Repeat ALL/None.
  • Page 19: Tips

    Please ensure you dispose of your old receiver Canada. according to local regulations. Haier is committed to safely recycling electronic products and product materials. Please check for a local recycling location in the United States at: 1800RECYCLING.COM.
  • Page 20: Product Specification

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATION NOTE • T • • T Model 24D2000 DISPLAY 23.6” Television System NTSC, ATSC Channel Coverage NTSC: CH2-CH69 (Antenna)/CH1-CH135 (Cable) ATSC: CH2-CH69 (Antenna)/CH1-CH135 (Cable) CONNECTIONS HEADPHONE VIDEO HDMI(MHL) COAXIAL WEIGHT & DIMENSION Dimensions with Stand (W x H x D) 22.13"...
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Please make these simple checks before calling service. These tips may save you time and money since charges for receiver installation and adjustments of customer controls are not covered under your warranty. “Ghost” or double image • This may be caused by obstruction to the antenna due to high rise buildings or hills.
  • Page 22: Warranty

    Haier to the purchaser with respect to the product, and shall constitute full satisfaction of all claims, whether based on contract, negligence, strict duality or otherwise. In no event shall Haier be liable, or in any way responsible for any damages or defects in the product which were caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than an authorized service center or dealer;...
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