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Toshiba TCB-EAPC1UYHP-E Operation Manual
Toshiba TCB-EAPC1UYHP-E Operation Manual

Toshiba TCB-EAPC1UYHP-E Operation Manual

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Summary of Contents for Toshiba TCB-EAPC1UYHP-E

  • Page 1 AIR CONDITIONER (ACCESSORIES) Operations Manual Air purifi er kit Model: TCB-EAPC1UYHP-E English...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Owner’s Manual Thank you very much for purchasing TOSHIBA Air Conditioner. Please read this owner's manual carefully before using your Air Conditioner • Be sure to obtain the “Owner’s manual” and “Installation manual” from Qualifi ed Installer and Service Person. Request to Qualifi ed Installer and Service Person •...
  • Page 3: Accessories

    Owner’s Manual ACCESSORIES Remote controller Remote controller holder Wireless receiver Batteries (two) Names and functions of indicators ■ CAUTION and controls on Wireless receiver • Disagreement in operation mode Display panel If you select AUTOMATIC OPERATION in a model with no auto-changeover (cooling/ heating) control setting or if you select HEAT in a Cool Only model, an alarm sound (pi, pi) from the air conditioner due to disagreement in...
  • Page 4: Parts Name Of Remote Controller

    Owner’s Manual PARTS NAME OF REMOTE CONTROLLER Names and functions of indicators Temperature button ( ■ and controls on indoor unit ..The set temperature is increased up to 30°C... The set temperature is dropped down to 17°C. (A receiving beep is heard.) Fan speed button (FAN) Press this button to select fan speed.
  • Page 5 Owner’s Manual Names and functions of indications Cancel button (CLR) ■ on wireless remote controller Press this button to cancel ON timer and OFF timer. (A receiving beep is heard.) Display High power button (Hi POWER) All indications, except for clock time indication, are Press this button to start the high power indicated by pressing the START/STOP operation.
  • Page 6 Owner’s Manual TIMER and clock time display NOTE The time set for timer operation or clock time is When both wired remote controller and wireless indicated. remote controller are used, display on the screen of The present time is always indicated except for wireless remote controller may differ from the actual TIMER operation.
  • Page 7: Adjusting Clock

    Owner’s Manual Clock adjusting ADJUSTING CLOCK Setting the clock SWING Initial setting QUIET Hi POWER COMFORT SLEEP CLOCK button Press the CLOCK by tip of a pencil. The CLOCK display ashes. SWING TIMER button QUIET Hi POWER Press the TIMER button to set the current time.
  • Page 8: Limited Operation By Group Control

    Owner’s Manual LIMITED OPERATION BY GROUP CONTROL NOTE Group control: Operate air conditioners in more than one system in same time. Header indoor unit: The representative unit during group control. Receive commands from wired remote controller and transmit the commands to follower units. (Header indoor unit is indoor unit that receives START/STOP signal from the wireless remote control.) Follower indoor unit: Indoor units other than the Header unit are called follower unit.
  • Page 9: Handling The Remote Controller

    Owner’s Manual HANDLING THE REMOTE CONTROLLER Remote controller holder CAUTION Installing the remote controller holder • The air conditioner will not operate if curtains, doors or other materials block the signals from • Before you actually install the remote controller the remote controller to the indoor unit.
  • Page 10: How To Use Remote Controller

    Owner’s Manual HOW TO USE REMOTE CONTROLLER Cooling/heating/fan only operation Dry operation Start Start SWING SWING START/STOP button ( START/STOP button ( Press this button to start the air conditioner. Press this button to start the air conditioner. Mode select button (MODE) Mode select button (MODE) Select Dry Select Cool...
  • Page 11 Owner’s Manual Automatic operation Timer operation (auto changeover) Use the wired remote controller for timer setting if it is also in use. This function is available only for use in ON timer and OFF timer combination with a heat recovery model outdoor unit.
  • Page 12 Owner’s Manual Once you select the timer operation mode, the ON timer OFF timer settings are saved in the remote controller. (Stop Operation Stop) Thereafter, the air conditioner will start operating You can use this setting to start the air conditioner under the same conditions when you simply press when you wake up and stop it when you leave the the ON/OFF button of the remote controller.
  • Page 13 Owner’s Manual High power operation Quiet operation • The QUIET mode provides quiet operating status High power (Hi POWER) by automatically setting the fan speed to the • The Hi POWER (high power operation) mode lowest speed. automatically controls room temperature, air ow and operation mode so that the room is quickly cooled in summer and warmed in winter.
  • Page 14 Owner’s Manual Preset Operation NOTE Set your preferred operation mode for future use. Air purifi er operation does not remove harmful The setting is memorized by the unit for future substances from cigarette smoke operation (except air ow direction). (carbon monoxide etc.). Open a window occasionally for ventilation.
  • Page 15 Owner’s Manual Adjusting airfl ow direction To automatically swing the airflow direction Perform this function when the air conditioner is in • Adjust the airflow direction properly. Otherwise, operation. it might cause discomfort and make the room temperature uneven. • Adjust the vertical airflow using the remote controller.
  • Page 16: Temporary Operation

    Owner’s Manual TEMPORARY OPERATION TEMPORARY operation This function is used to operate the unit temporarily in case you misplace the wireless remote controller or its batteries are exhausted. • Push the temporary operation button once (less than 3 seconds) to start the air conditioner. •...
  • Page 17 144 / 9 Moo 5, Bangkadi Industrial Park, Tivanon Road, Tambol Bangkadi, Amphur Muang, Pathumthani 12000, Thailand 1127699201...