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  • Page 1 Air Purifier CAF-W36USW READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Attention: Pictures in the IM are for reference only.
  • Page 2 READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Statement This product meets the relevant requirements of ETL and CETL. With the technological innovation and improvement of the product, the product manual contents of the same model as this product may be changed, and the updated part will not further notify. All the illustrations shown in this manual are based on the appearance of the standard model purifier.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Never replace the UV lamp without ers may damage the exterior authorized technician! 14. Only a Toshiba Authorized Service Center should service this air purifier. Contact the nearest Service Center for any problems, adjustments, or repairs.
  • Page 4: Product Introduction

    PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Lifting handle Status Display and Control Panel Lifting handle Activated carbon Filter HEPA Filter Air outlet Back cover Power cord...
  • Page 5: Installation

    INSTALLATION Remove the back cover Grasp the position of wedging block and pull outwards to remove the back cover Install the Filter Hold the drawstring at both Disassemble the Install the Filter assembly. of Filter assembly and packaging bag of the The activated carbon Filter remove the Filter assembly.
  • Page 6 USAGE Purification volume button Press this button to adjust the volume of purification, with low, Speed light medium and high grades The status of the purification volume can be intuitively indicated by threeindicators: LOW, MED, UV light and HIGH. This product uses a certain algorithm to calculate the life of the Filter with the opening time accumulated as a UV button...
  • Page 7: Maintenance

    USAGE MAINTENANCE Correct placement WARNING: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK These servicing instructions are for use by qualified personnel In order to achieve better cleaning effect and avoid the influence only. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not perform any of metal shielding effect on communication, please ensure that the servicing other than that contained in the operating instructions air purifier is more than 30cm away from the wall and other obstructions...
  • Page 8: Technical Parameters

    4. Purifying principle: The air purifier blows air into the machine and filters the air through the built-in filter core. It can mainly play the role of filtering dust (such as PM2.5), formaldehyde, odor, sterilization and others. Model CAF-W36USW High-grade CADR (CFM) particles...
  • Page 9 FAULT SELF-DETECTION Before you ask for maintenance, please check according to the table below. Problems Reasons Solutions encountered - It is possible that the power cord is not plugged - Please connect power and make good Purifier cannot run or poor contact with power cord contact - May not turn on the power switch - Please turn on the power switch...
  • Page 10 SETTING UP ALEXA ON YOUR AIR PURIFIER Your air purifier can be controlled with Alexa by using any Alexa-enabled device such as Echo or Echo Dot. To control your air purifier using Alexa, you’ll need to set up your air purifier and connect to Alexa. 1.
  • Page 11 "Alexa,what is speed set to on Toshiba air purifier " Find out if Ultraviolet mode is on or off "Alexa,what is ultraviolet mode set to on Toshiba air purifier " Note : You can also update the device name in the Alexa app...
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING What can I do with the Alexa APP? My air purifier is offline. By operating the Alexa APP, you can achieve the following functions: The air purifier will appear offline in the app if it is unplugged, or if it is plugged into an outlet that does not have power. Alexa Command &...
  • Page 13: Service And Support

    SERVICE AND SUPPORT In the event of a warranty claim or if service is required for this product,please contact us at the following: Toll Free:1-855-204-5313 For questions or comments ,please write to: Midea America Corporation Customer Care Center 11411 NW 107th Street, Suite 12 Miami,FL 33178 For your records,staple your sales receipt to this manual and record the following: DATE OF PURCHASE:...
  • Page 14: One(1)Year Limited Warranty

    ONE(1)YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ● Please read all instructions before attempting to use this product. Midea America Corporation warrants as limited herein to the original purchaser of retail thateach new Air purifier,shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for aperiod of one(1)year from the date of original purchase.This one(1)year warranty is limited to the Motor and Electric Element. In the event of malfunctions or failure of your Air purifier,simply deliver or send the Air purifier,postage prepaid along with PROOF OF PURCHASE,within the warranty period of one(1)year,to Midea America Corporation.Midea America Corporation reserves the right to inspect the claimed defective part or parts to determine if the defect or malfunction complaint is covered by this warranty.Midea America Corporation shall,within...

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