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AEG ID 4216 Instruction Manual page 11

Docking station for ipod


Power Supply
Connect the power plug to a properly installed
30V 50Hz wall outlet. Connect the device to
the AC adaptor plug by connecting the adap-
tor plug to the DC 7.5V input (4). The power
indicator () lights up.
Ensure that your local voltage matches the
specifications on the type label.
Only use the supplied power adaptor with
this device. Do not use for other devices.
Only use AC adaptor with 7.5V (
other adaptors will damage the device.
Disconnect the power adaptor from mains
power supply during longer periods of non-use.
Insert Battery
The lithium battery inside the remote control is
protected by a foil. This expands the life cycle
of the battery. Please remove this foil to have
the remote control ready for first use.
The remote control battery is a longlife lithium
cell. Follow these steps to exchange the battery if
the range decreases over time:
Open the battery compartment at the rear of
the remote control.
Exchange the battery with a fresh battery
(CR 03). Observe the correct polarity.
Close the battery compartment again.
Remove the battery during extended periods of
non-use to avoid battery leakage.
Do not dispose of batteries with the household
waste. Return exhausted batteries to collection
points or your dealer.
Do not subject batteries to heat or direct
sunlight. Do not throw batteries into the fire,
danger of explosion!
Keep batteries away from children, they are
no toys!
Do not force batteries open.
Avoid contact with metal objects (rings, nails,
screws, etc.), risk of short circuit!
In case of short circuit, batteries can heat
up rapidly and even ignite. This can lead to
For your own safety, cover battery terminals
during transport with sticky tape.
In case of battery leakage, do not rub the
battery acid into eyes or mucous mem-
branes. Wash hands after contact and flush
eyes with plenty of clean water; consult a
physician about persisting discomfort.
Charge Function
Your iPod is charged while connected to the iPod
The charging time depends on your iPod and
use mode.
iPod Compatibility
Due to the many different iPod models and gen-
erations currently on the market, full compatibility
cannot be guaranteed. Ensure that your iPod
features a compatible port before docking.
Furthermore, full compatibility of remote control
functions cannot be guaranteed. In this case
operate your iPod as usual while connected to
this docking station.
iPod Music Playback
(iPod not included)
Follow these steps to connect your iPod and
playback music files via hi-fi system:
1. Connect the red and white RCA connector to
the corresponding inputs of your hi-fi system.
Observe the instructions in the user manual of
your hi-fi system.
. Connect the other end of the RCA cable to
the AUDIO OUT outputs (5) on the rear of the
docking station.
3. Select the correct iPod adaptor or use the
adaptor supplied with your iPod for correct
docking and to avoid damages.
4. Carefully insert the iPod into the iPod dock (3).