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Overview Of The Components; User Manual - AEG ID 4216 Instruction Manual

Docking station for ipod


General Safety Guidelines
Before using this device, carefully read this user
manual and keep it together with the Warranty
Certificate, cashier receipt and if possible, the
original package inclusive its interior packing.
If you hand on the device to any third person,
include the user manual as well.
Only use the device for private and intended
use. This device is not intended for commercial
The power adaptor is only suitable for use in
dry areas.
Check before use, whether output voltage, cur-
rent and polarity correspond to the specifica-
tions of the connected device!
Do not touch the connected power adaptor
with wet hands!
Disconnect the power adaptor from mains
power supply if not used for a longer period of
time, before cleaning and in case of malfunc-
Check device and mains cable regularly for
damages. Do not use the device in case of
Do not repair the device yourself, always con-
sult an authorized specialist. A defective power
cable must be exchanged by the manufacturer,
our service center or equivalent qualified per-
son to avoid hazards.
Only use genuine accessories.
Observe the following "Special Precautions".
Children and disabled persons
For the safety of your children, keep any pack-
ing parts (plastic bags, cartilage, Styrofoam
etc.) out of their reach.
Don't let small children play with foils for
danger of suffocation!
This device is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sen-
sory or mental capabilities, or lack of experi-
ence and/or knowledge unless they have been
given supervision or instructions concerning
the use of the device by a person responsible
for their safety.
Supervise children to ensure they do not play
with the device.
Symbols in this user manual
Important notes for your safety are marked dis-
tinctively. Pay absolute attention to them to avoid
accidents and damage to the device:
Warns of dangers for your health and indicates
potential risks of injury.
Indicates potential dangers for the device or
other objects.
Highlights tips and information for you.
Special Precautions for this Device
Do not use the device with connected power
adaptor near water (e.g. bath tub, basin or
other water-filled containers).
Only use the supplied power adaptor.

Overview of the components

1 IR sensor remote control
 POWER indicator
3 iPod dock
4 DC 7.5V input
5 AUDIO OUT R/L outputs
6 VIDEO OUT output
Remote Control
1 ►II button (Play/Pause)

i-REPEAT button (Repeat)
i-SHUFFLE button (Random)
4 i-MENU button
5 i-ENTER button
6 ▼/▲ i-SCROLL buttons
buttons (Search forward/reverse)
Start-up Device/Introduction
Read the user manual carefully before using
the device!
Select a suitable location for the device. A dry,
level and anti-slip surface, allowing you to eas-
ily reach the device, is suitable.
Remove the protective foil from the device, if