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Canon LBP-1210 Getting Started Manual

Canon lbp-1210: user guide.
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LBP-1210 Laser Printer
Getting Started Guide
Read this manual carefully before using your printer.
Save this manual for future reference.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 LBP-1210 Laser Printer Getting Started Guide IMPORTANT: Read this manual carefully before using your printer. Save this manual for future reference.
  • Page 2 Canon. Notice Canon makes no guarantees of any kind with regard to this manual. Canon shall not be held liable for errors contained herein or for consequential or incidental damages incurred as a result of acting on information contained in the manual.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Using Your LBP-1210 Documentation ... 4 Conventions ... 4 Using the Canon LBP-1210 CD-ROM ... 5 Checking the Package Contents ... 7 Identifying the Parts ... 8 Front View ... 8 Rear View ... 8 Selecting the Printer Location ... 9 Carrying the Printer ...
  • Page 4: Using Your Lbp-1210 Documentation

    Using Your LBP-1210 Documentation Congratulations on your purchase of the Canon LBP-1210 Laser Printer. Your printer comes with the following documentation: ❏ The LBP-1210 Getting Started Guide (This guide) Describes how to set up the printer and install the printing software (CAPT).
  • Page 5: Using The Canon Lbp-1210 Cd-rom

    To access the CD-ROM Menu Help , click the CD-ROM Menu Help button. To access the Readme File , click the Canon LBP-1210 Readme button. Windows displays the Readme file. To access the LBP-1210 Online Manuals , click the Canon LBP-1210 Manuals button.
  • Page 6 256MB for Windows XP) is recommended. ❏ Monitor with a resolution of 640 x 480, showing at least 16 colors. ❏ A standard USB or parallel port and a CD-ROM drive. ❏ Sound card (if you want to hear audio messages). Using Your LBP-1210 Documentation...
  • Page 7: Checking The Package Contents

    Checking the Package Contents As you unpack the printer, save the carton and packing materials in case you want to move or ship the printer in the future. LBP-1210 Printer EP-25 Cartridge CD-ROM disc Checking the Package Contents Manual feed slot...
  • Page 8: Identifying The Parts

    Identifying the Parts Front View Face-down delivery slot Power lamp Paper guides Manual feed slot Cassette Rear View Power switch Power socket Delivery selection cover Front cover Parallel port interface connector USB port interface connector Identifying the Parts...
  • Page 9: Selecting The Printer Location

    Selecting the Printer Location When selecting a site for the printer, the location should provide ample space for ventilation and easy servicing of the printer. Use the dimensional diagrams below for space considerations. (Dimensions are in millimeters.) Top view 30 mm...
  • Page 10: Carrying The Printer

    Carrying the Printer CAUTION: Do not carry the printer by holding the front panel or by holding it at the front and rear. This could result in damage to the printer or personal injury if the printer is dropped. Selecting the Printer Location...
  • Page 11: Installing The Ep-25 Cartridge

    Follow the instructions below when handling the cartridge. ❏ Do not open the protective bag containing the cartridge until you are ready to install it in the printer. ❏ Save the protective bag. You may need to repack and transport the cartridge at a later date.
  • Page 12 ❏ Do not stand the cartridge on end, or turn it upside down. Toner could become caked in the cartridge resulting in poor print quality. ❏ Keep the cartridge away from a monitor’s cathode ray tube (CRT), disk drives, and floppy disks. The magnet inside the cartridge can destroy the image data in the CRT, or data on the disks.
  • Page 13 Place the cartridge on a sturdy surface. Snap the tab at the end of the cartridge backwards and fold it back and forth until it is loose. While holding the cartridge firmly with one hand, pull the sealing tape in the direction indicated in the illustration below. Pull in this direction The tape may snap if pulled in a direction wider than the indicated angle.
  • Page 14 Insert the cartridge into the printer along the guides. Make sure that the cartridge slides all the way inside the printer. Do not touch the drum’s protective shutter. Caution: When setting the toner cartridge, do not put your hands too far inside the printer.
  • Page 15: Setting The Cassette And Manual Feed Slot

    Manual feed slot The cassette must be set with no extra space or gaps between it and the paper feed slot on the printer. Also, the manual feed slot must be set on the cassette firmly so that it is stable.
  • Page 16: Connecting The Printer To Your Computer

    CAUTION: Before connecting or disconnecting the interface cable, make sure that the printer is turned off and that the power cord is unplugged from the printer. Connect the other end of the interface cable to the computer. You must use a bi-directional cable for proper operation of the printing software (CAPT).
  • Page 17: Usb Cable

    ❏ Connect/disconnect a USB cable at least five seconds after it was disconnected/connected. ❏ When the computer or the printer is turned on, be sure to connect/ disconnect a USB cable at least five seconds after it was disconnected/ connected. If you connect/disconnect a cable soon after it was disconnected/connected, the printer may not function properly.
  • Page 18 A dialog box to start the installation of the USB class driver may appear when connecting a USB cable to your computer in the state the printer is turned on. Refer to Plug and Play in the User's Guide.
  • Page 19: Connecting To The Power Supply

    Plug the power cord into the power socket. Connect the other end of the power cord to the AC outlet. Turn on the printer by pressing the I mark. Turn off the printer by pressing the O mark. When the O mark side of the power switch is pushed down, the printer’s power consumption will be 0 (zero) watts.
  • Page 20 If the power does not turn on even when the printer is plugged into an AC outlet, check the following items: ❏ Close the front cover if open. ❏ Make sure the EP-25 cartridge is installed. ❏ If the EP-25 cartridge is already installed, remove and reinstall it.
  • Page 21: Selecting Paper Delivery

    Selecting Paper Delivery Use the delivery selection cover to choose face-up or face-down delivery. Face-down Delivery To select face-down delivery, close the delivery selection cover. Face-up Delivery To select face-up delivery, open the delivery selection cover. Selecting Paper Delivery Face-down Face-up...
  • Page 22: Loading Paper Into The Cassette

    Loading Paper into the Cassette The cassette can hold up to approximately 250 sheets of 64 g/m high-volume printing. Acceptable paper sizes are Letter, A4, Executive, and B5. Follow the steps below to load a stack of paper. Prepare a stack of paper and tap it on a flat surface to properly align the edges.
  • Page 23 Set the stack of paper with the printing side facing up. The top edge of the paper should be inside the printer. Slide the stack into the cassette until it stops. Adjust the paper guides on the right, left, and front to the size of the paper.
  • Page 24: Installing The Capt

    Installing the CAPT Before you can print with the LBP-1210 printer, you must install the CAPT (Canon Advanced Printing Technology). Windows 95/98/Me CD-ROM Installation Before you install the CAPT, make sure you do the following. ❏ When using USB port (USB cable), turn off the printer.
  • Page 25 Click the Canon LBP-1210 Install button. The Canon LBP-1210 Install dialog box appears. Click Yes to install the CAPT in the language displayed. The Welcome and the Software License Agreement screens appear. Installing the CAPT...
  • Page 26 When the installation finishes, the Setup Complete dialog box appears (See Step 7). When using USB cable, if USB port can not be found in the port list displayed, click USB Port Setup. Then click Yes to continue the setting up of the LBP-1210. Installing the CAPT...
  • Page 27 Click Cancel when the Add New Hardware Wizard appears. Unless you cancel, see the procedure for Plug and Play (→see the User's Guide). Click Canon LBP-1210 Install button. Repeat the procedure from Step 2 to Step 3 once again. Installing the CAPT...
  • Page 28 Select a USB port, such as USBPRN01 for Windows 98 or USB001 for Windows Me from the port list and click Next >. If USBPRN01 or USB001 is not displayed in the list, start Step 3. When the installation is complete, the following dialog box appears. Click Finish to close the dialog box.
  • Page 29: Canon Laser Shot Lbp-1210 Group

    Canon LASER SHOT LBP-1210 Group After installing the CAPT, you are ready to print. The Canon LASER SHOT LBP-1210 group gives you all the tools you need to communicate with your printer. Canon LASER SHOT LBP-1210 Help provides online help for the CAPT.
  • Page 30 Installing the CAPT...

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