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Bosch Ascenta SHE3ARL2UC Instructions Manual

Bosch ascenta she3arl2uc: install guide
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Dishwasher Installation Instructions
Instructions d'Installation de Lave-vaisselle
Instrucciones de Instalación de Lavavajillas



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  Summary of Contents for Bosch Ascenta SHE3ARL2UC

  • Page 1 Dishwasher Installation Instructions Instructions d’Installation de Lave-vaisselle Instrucciones de Instalación de Lavavajillas 9000633142...
  • Page 2 Important Saftey Instructions Save This Information To avoid possible injury or property damage, OBSERVE ALL WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS. These instructions are intended for use by qualified installers only. •In addition to these instructions, the dish- washer shall be installed to meet all elec- trical and plumbing codes and ordinances (both national and local).
  • Page 3 Do not use the dishwasher until it is completely installed. When opening the door on an uninstalled dish- washer, carefully open the door while supporting the rear of the unit. Failure to follow this warning can cause the dishwasher to tip over and result in serious injury. Before installing the “L ”-shaped supplied countertop mounting brackets (select models), decide which method will be used to secure the dishwasher into its...
  • Page 4 Ne pas utiliser le lave-vaisselle avant que l’installation ne soit complètement terminée. Pour ouvrir la porte d’un lave-vaisselle encore non installé, il faut le faire soi- gneusement en soutenant l’arrière du lave-vaisselle. Le lave-vaisselle peut en effet tomber en avant si cet aver- tissement n’est pas respecté...
  • Page 5 No utilice el lavaplatos antes de que esté totalmente instalado. Cuando abra la puerta del lavaplatos antes de ser instalado, hágalo cuidadosamente mientras detiene la parte posterior de la unidad. No seguir esta adverten- cia puede causar que el lavaplatos se vuelque hacia del- ante y ocasionar una lesión grave.
  • Page 6: Materials Supplied

    Materials Supplied / Matériel Fourni / Materiales Provistos...
  • Page 7: Tools Needed

    Tools Needed / Outils Nécessaires / Herramientas Necesarias...
  • Page 8: Materials Needed

    Materials Needed / Matériel Nécessaires / Materiales Necesarios Electrical Supply Cable - Minimum #14 AWG, 2 conductor, 1 ground, insulated copper conductors rated 75°C (167°F) or higher. Câble d’alimentation électrique - Minimum n° 14 AWG, 2 conducteurs, 1 mise à la terre, conducteur en cuivre isolé coté...
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT! Before you begin, you must read the safety instructions on the reverse of this sheet. PRE-INSTALL CHECKLIST Unpack unit. Retain packing material until successful installation is complete. Remove all packing material from inside the dishwasher. Inspect parts to ensure you have all the necessary materials. Flush household hot water supply for at least two minutes.
  • Page 10: Mounting

    90° " (600 mm) with side strips removed. " (600 mm) avec les bandes latérales enlevées. " (600 mm) con tiras de lado quitó. Minimum hole size for drain hose is 1 drain hose and inlet hose are through same hole is 2". El tamaño mínimo del agujero para la manga de desagüe es 1 El tamaño mínimo del agujero si la manga de desagüe y la manguera de la entrada están a través del mismo agujero es 2".
  • Page 11 30" (77 cm) 21" (54 mm) Attach 90° elbow joint to dishwasher oriented as shown, using thread seal tape when required. Do not over-tighten. Fixer le raccord coude 90° au lave-vaisselle en l’orientant comme indiqué sur le schéma ; si cela est nécessaire, utiliser du ruban scellant.
  • Page 12 3" (76mm) Do Not Over-tighten or Remove Terminal Screws Strip outer casing of electrical wire to expose 3" (76 mm) of the inner wires. Then strip wire.* 1/2" Dénuder le câble électrique de 3 po (76 mm) afin de faire appa- (13mm) raître les fils électriques intérieurs.
  • Page 13 Orient hose toward direction of sink. IMPORTANT: Route hose toward sink PRIOR TO connection. Do not turn after attachment. Attach drain hose elbow (Part G) to back of unit using pliers to install the spring clamp (Part B). Orienter le tuyau vers la direction d'évier. IMPORTANT: Le tuyau de route vers l'évier AVANT la connexion.
  • Page 14 Pre-level unit before positioning under counter by turning feet clockwise to raise or counter- clockwise to lower. Maximum height the unit can be raised with feet fully extended is 34.5” . Once the unit is at a satisfactory height, insert leg leveler locking screw (part F) in back foot.
  • Page 15 Attach the strain relief (not included) to the strain relief plate. The two screws on the back of the strain relief should be positioned as shown to prevent interferences during assembly. Tighten the strain relief lock nut to prevent the strain relief from turning.
  • Page 16 Do Not Over-tighten or Remove Terminal Screws Do Not Over-tighten or Remove Terminal Screws Place the assembled strain relief plate back into the junction box and re-attach the screw. Make sure the tab on the right side of the strain relief plate is outside the junction box as you slide it into place.
  • Page 17 Replace junction box cover. Make sure the cover is seated behind the front lip of the strain relief plate. Attach the cover with the screw (part E) from the installation kit. Replacer le couvercle de la boîte de jonction. S’assurer qu’il soit bien placé...
  • Page 18 If your countertop is stone, detach mounting brackets (A) from the top and position them at either points on the side. Insert screw (B) through pre-positioned brackets on each side of the unit and attach the brackets. Si votre comptoir est en pierre, détacher les supports de mon- tage (A) par le haut et leur position à...
  • Page 19 Min. 20" (51 cm) Max. 43" (109 cm) Route drain hose to household plumbing. Note: Plumbing installations will vary - refer to local codes. Always include a Loop in the Drain Hose for proper function - Height of loop -[Min. 20"(51cm) - Max.
  • Page 20 Attach water line to incoming hot water shut off valve. Turn on water and check for leaks. Turn power back on at fuse box. Start washer, listen for water and pump for water distribution. Press Cancel/Reset to drain and check for leaks. Relier le tuyau d’alimentation en eau à...
  • Page 21: Servicio Al Cliente

    Customer Service Your dishwasher requires no special care other than that described in the Care and Maintenance section of the Use and Care Manual. If you are having a problem with your dishwasher, before calling for service please refer to the Self Help section in the Use and Care Manual.