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Maintenance - Haier AC092MDERA Operation & Installation Manual

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• Only when the air cleaner is switched off and disconnected to the power supply can it be cleaned, or electric shock and
injury may appear.
Daily Maintenance:
Cleaning the air outlet port and the shell:
• Don't use gasoline, benzene, diluents, polishing powder or liquid insecticide to clean them.
• Do not clean them with hot water of above 50°C to avoid fading or distorting.
• Wipe them with soft dry cloth.
• Water or neutral dry cleanser is recommended if the dust cannot be removed.
• The Wind Deflector can be dismantled to clean (as below).
Cleaning Wind Deflector:
• Do not wipe the wind deflector with water forcibly to avoid falling off.
Cleaning Air Cleaner:
• Don't rinse the air cleaner with hot water of above 50°C to avoid fading and distorting.
• Don't put the air cleaner on the fire to dry to avoid catching fire.
• Pull the air screen forward to the front side of the unit to
remove it.
• Clean up air screens according to their different types.
For more information, please make contact with after
service staff.
Maintenance before and after Operating Season
Before Operating Season:
1. Please make the following checkup. If abnormal condition occurs, consult the after-service
• There is no blockage in inlet port and outlet port of outdoor and indoor units.
• The ground line and the wiring are in the proper state
2. After cleaning, the air cleaner must be mounted.
3. Switch on to the power.
After Operating Season:
1. In sunny days, blowing operation can be performed for half a day to make the inside of
2. Electrical power should be cut down to economize electricity, or the machine will still
and shell must be mounted after cleaning.
• Wipe dust with water or dust collector.
(A) Wipe dust with dust collector.
(B) Clean it with soft bush in mild detergent if there is too
much dust on it.
(C) Throw off the water and airing it in the cool dry
machine dry.
consume power.Air cleaner



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