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Connection With Any Kind Of Accessory Not Possible; Accessory Set; Mmc Not Formatable; Rf Faults - Nokia 9210 Repair Hints

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Connection with any kind of accessory not possible

Accessory set

If the communicator does not connect to any kind of accessory it can be possible that the flash D353 has been changed or the
EEPROM has been erased without making an Accessory Set. Open under WinTesla menu Software/ Set Factory values/ and set
Accessory than try to connect the phone again.
Note! Sometimes it is possible that the connection takes a while.

MMC not formatable

If the communicator hangs up while formating the MMC, it is necessary to flash the phone with newes sw 4.13.
Note! When updating the phone sw, it is also necessary to update the MMC with the newes image. (See SB-023)
For a faster MMC-image update it is a good solution to use ext. drive for MMC. (See SB-018)

RF faults

No service

G800 SHF oscillator faulty
Check TX I/Q EGSM, Ch: 60 with WinTesla menu Tuning/ TX I/Q. (See picture below)
The G800 SHF Oscillator is working well
If Picture 2 is appearing on spectrum analyser, check following voltages:
Check Vsynte (VSYN_2/VCC) = 2.8 VDC at R808. If not ok, lift R808 and measure the voltage on the pad to HAGER`s side. If
Vsynte is ok, check G800 SHF oscillator and surrounding components for shorts or cold soldering and change or resolder the
faulty ones.
If Vsynte (VSYN_2/VCC) is not ok after lifting R808, check N100 CCONT.
Check VC = 2.2 VDC at R802.
Check Vchp = 4.7 VDC at C560. If not ok, check VCP = 4.9 VDC at N600 Pin 6. If not ok either, check N100 CCONT.
If VCP is ok, check N600 voltage regulator and surrounding components for shorts or disconnections and change the faulty
ones. If the surrounding components are ok, change G800 SHF oscillator.
If VC is not ok, refer to N505 HAGAR faulty.
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The Oscillator is not working
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