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Using The Humidifier; Mist Timer; Night Light; Led Digital Clock - Motorola ST600 User Manual

5-in-1 soft glow aroma humidifier & speaker


4. Using the Humidifier


Mist timer

You can set a timer to power off humidifier by pressing
1H (1 hour), 3H (3 hours), 5H (5 hours) as scheduled time or turn off
the timer by selecting OFF.

4.2 Night light

The nightlight feature gives soft glow light with 7 color of choice for
soothing your baby.
button to turn on the night light when the unit is at standby
mode, When the night light color is in auto run, press
select the desired color.
2. Press
button again to turn off the night light.

4.3 LED digital clock

LED digital clock gives the convenience of reminding mom the
feeding time or time to sleep for the kids, follow the steps below for
setting it up.
Press and hold
2. Press "+" or "-" to select time format of 12/24 Hour.
3. Press
button to select Hour/Minute to change.
4. Press once "+" or "-" to adjust Hour/Minute or long press "+" or "-"
buttons for fast advance.
5. Press
button to confirm clock setting.
NOTE: Press
Using the Humidifier
button until 12/24 appears on the LED display.
button while in clock setting, to reset to "00:00".
to select
button to



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