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Alarm; Audio Playback - Motorola ST600 User Manual

5-in-1 soft glow aroma humidifier & speaker


4.4 Alarm

Press and hold
2. Press
button to select Hour or Minute setting.
3. Press "+" or "-" to adjust Hour/Minute by step (hold "+" or "-" for
quick switching).
4. Press
button to confirm the setting.
NOTE: If an alarm time is selected, the unit will ring for about 60
seconds. Press any button to turn off the alarm.
To cancel alarm
Press and hold
2. Press
button to cancel alarm and "- - - -" appears on LED
3. Press
button to confirm alarm setting.

4.5 Audio playback

The device has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which you can stream
your favorite audio contents like soothing sounds, music, audiobooks
or more from your smart device.
Press and hold Play
your humidifier.
2. Switch on Bluetooth and enter discovery mode on your smart
phone near the humidifier.
3. Searching for available devices and select "ST600" (the model
number of the humidifier), follow the instructions to complete
the pairing.
4. Press Play/Pause
5. Short press "+" or "-" to forward or backward the song title.
Press and hold "+" or "-" for 2 seconds to adjust the volume.
6. Press Play/Pause
button for 2 seconds to enter alarm setting.
button for 2 seconds to enter alarm setting.
for 2 seconds to enter Bluetooth setup mode on
button to play favorite song.
button to stop audio playback.
Using the Humidifier



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