Installation Configurations - Whirlpool WEFV08S-1A Installation Instructions Manual

Variable speed electric furnace
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Installation Configurations

For ease in installation, it is best to make any necessary coil
configuration changes before setting the electric furnace in place.
See "Installation Configuration Options."
Vertical Installations
The electric furnace must be supported on the bottom only and
set on solid floor or field supplied supporting frame. Securely
attach the electric furnace to the floor or supporting frame.
Horizontal Installations
Horizontal installations can be left-hand or right-hand air supply.
The cabinet must be supported by the building structure to
ensure cabinet integrity. Ensure that there is adequate room to
remove the blower access panel if installing in the horizontal
Suspended Cabinet Installation
NOTE: Electric furnaces cannot be installed in such a way that
the blower access panel is facing up or down.
The suspending means must be field fabricated, and should
consist of two "cradles" made by attaching two rods to a
length of angle iron or suitable gauge steel.
Locate the cradles so that they are as close as possible to the
ends of the electric furnace (this will provide access for
removal of major components such as the blower assembly).
Provide enough clearance between the suspension rods and
the electric furnace to allow removal of the blower access
Installation Configuration Options
NOTE: Typical installations with optional WME modular
evaporator coil are shown.
Right to Left
Left to Right

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents