Listening To Fm Radio - Panasonic RF-D30BT Operating Instructions Manual

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Manually tuning 1 frequency block
You can manually tune to 1 frequency block. This can
be useful when you are adjusting the antenna to
achieve the best possible reception and scanning a
particular frequency block to update the station list.
Press and hold [j MENU] for at least 2 seconds.
Press [4/:]
tune" and then press [ENTER].
Press [4/:]
frequency block that is receivable in your region
and then press [ENTER].
The display shows the received signal strength of the
selected frequency block. Adjust the antenna to achieve
the best reception.
Threshold indicator
Adjust the antenna so that the received signal strength
(solid rectangles) exceeds the threshold indicator.
§ Alternatively, you can turn [TUNE/SELECT] to select
menu item/setting.
Viewing available information
You can view various information about the DAB/
DAB+ broadcast such as dynamic label information
(if available), signal strength, program type,
ensemble name, frequency, bit rate, DAB variant and
Press [DISPLAY] repeatedly to view the available
or [3/9]
to select "Manual
or [3/9]
to select the

Listening to FM radio

You can preset up to 10 FM channels.
≥ Extend the antenna. (l 5)
≥ Turn the unit on.
≥ Press [DAB/FM] repeatedly to select "FM".
Presetting stations automatically
Press and hold [j AUTO PRESET] for at least
2 seconds.
≥ Auto preset begins with the lowest frequency.
≥ The tuner starts to preset all the stations it can receive into
the channels in ascending order.
Listening to preset stations
Press one of the direct preset buttons ([1] to [10]) to
select the preset station.
∫ Tuning to a station
Press [AUTO TUNE] to search for a station.
≥ The unit stops tuning when it finds a station.
≥ Press [AUTO TUNE] again to search for the next station.
≥ Turn [TUNE/SELECT] to search for the required station
∫ Presetting stations manually
While listening to the radio broadcast:
Press and hold the direct preset button ([1] to [10]) for
at least 2 seconds to enter your desired preset
channel number.
≥ The station occupying a channel is erased if another
station is preset in that channel.
Viewing available information
(Except for Australia and New Zealand)
This unit can show the text data transmitted by the
Radio Data System available in some areas, such as
radio text, programme service, programme type and
Press [DISPLAY] repeatedly to view the available
≥ Radio Data System may not be available if reception is



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