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Cutting Head; Maintenance; Service Recommendations - Electrolux Flymo Contour Instruction Manual

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P1 - Manual line feed button
To manually feed the nylon line (P)
1. If required line can be fed out manually.
2. To operate, press and release manual line feed
button, whilst gently pulling on one of the lines
until the line reaches the line cutter.
Q1 - Cap
Q2 - Cap release latch
Q3 - Spool
Q4 - Spool Holder
Q5 - Eyelet
R1 - Cut out area of spool
R2 - Eyelet
S1 - Cleat
To remove spool cap
1. Press and hold in the two cap release latches.
2. Pull cap away from the spoolholder. (Q).
When refitting the spool cap
1. Keep all areas of the cap and spoolholder clean.
Failure to do so may prevent the cap being
securely located in the spoolholder.
2. Replace the cap, pressing firmly DOWN
towards the spoolholder to ensure cap is fully
3. Check that the cap is correctly fitted by trying to
remove it without depressing the two latches.
To replace nylon line.
For your convenience it is recommended you buy
spool and line complete. Nylon line only is also
available. Both are available from Electrolux
Outdoor Products stockists.
To fit spool and line complete:
1. Remove old spool.
Disconnect from the mains electricity supply,
before attempting any maintenance or
adjustment. Cutting head continues to rotate
after the trimmer has been switched off.
Keep fingers and hands clear of the line
cutter on leading edge of guard.
Caring for your Contour
After you have finished using your Flymo Contour
follow the procedure below:
1. Disconnect from the mains electricity supply.
2. Never clean your trimmer with water, cleaning
fluids, or solvents, just remove debris with a
suitable tool, a soft brush or dry cloth.
Your product is uniquely identified by a silver and black product rating label.
We strongly recommend that your product is serviced at least every twelve months, more often
in a professional application.
Manual line feed
3. When the required amount of line is fed out,
4. If the line extends past the line cutter, too much
5. If too much line is fed out, remove the spool cap

Cutting Head

2. Place new spool into spoolholder with cut out
3. Release one line from cleat and feed line
4. Repeat for second line.
5. Refit the cap.
To fit nylon line only:
1. IMPORTANT - Always wind the line onto the
2. Care should be taken to ensure that the line is
3. Then fit spool as described in 'To fit spool and


3. Using a soft brush, clean around the inside of
4. Remove the wheel by pressing one of the
5. Attach wheel as described in Wheel Assembly.
6. Inspect the trimmer carefully, especially the parts
7. If your trimmer is damaged in any way contact
8. Wind cable carefully to avoid kinking.
9. Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children.

Service Recommendations

gently pull on the second line (there is no need
to press the manual line feed button again).
line has been fed out.
and click spool anti-clockwise until the line is at
the desired length.
areas of the spool in line with eyelets as
shown in figure R.
through eyelet (R).
Ensure spool is fully located by gently
rotating it during fitment, whilst keeping the
spoolholder steady.
Remember ! Your Flymo Trimmer is designed to
use only nylon line with a maximum diameter
of 1.5mm. Use only genuine Flymo nylon line.
upper section of the spool first.
Take approximately 5 metres of line. Insert
15mm of line into one of the holes in the upper
section of the spool (S) and wind line in the
direction of the arrows on the top of the spool.
Leave approximately 100mm of line unwound
and place into cleat as illustrated in figure S1.
Repeat on lower section of spool.
neatly coiled on the spool. Failure to do so will
impair the efficiency of the automatic line feed.
line complete', section above.
the safety guard, the cutting head (Fig T) and the
motor housing air vents. (Fig U)
buttons. Clean the wheel and groove on trimmer
head with a soft brush (V & W).
of the cutting head.
your local Electrolux Outdoor Products approved
service centre.
Never use a damaged trimmer.



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