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Acer Dock V Quick Reference Manual

Mini docking station


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Summary of Contents for Acer Dock V

  • Page 2 Acer Incorporated. DockMate V Mini Docking Station Serial No.____________Purchase Date________ Acer and the Acer logo are registered trademarks of Acer Incorporated and Acer America Corporation. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox Corporation.
  • Page 3 Introducing DockMate V The DockMate V is a full-featured docking base designed specifically for your notebook computer. It complements your notebook computer by providing you an easy connect and disconnect solution to and from external peripheral devices. This quick reference serves to help you use the DockMate V, the companion mini docking station for your notebook computer.
  • Page 4 A Tour of DockMate V DockMate V includes most of the ports on your notebook computer and adds a few more. Item Power indicator Lock indicator Dock release lever Dock guides Dock connector Security keylock Description Lights when power is supplied to DockMate V, i.e. the AC adapter is connected to DockMate V Lights when the computer is securely docked to DockMate V and the computer is turned on...
  • Page 5 Item Emergency eject AcerLink Bay Ports DockMate V has a host of ports and jacks found at the back of the unit. Rear ports and their descriptions are listed below: Port External floppy drive port Parallel port Serial port PS/2 mouse port PS/2 keyboard port A Tour of DockMate V Description...
  • Page 6 Port Parallel port switch Phone line jack (RJ-11) Phone line Phone set jack (RJ-11) FireWire jack (1394) 10 Network jack (RJ-45) 11 Microphone-in/ line-in jack 12 Speaker/ headphone-out jack 13 S-video jack 14 External monitor port 15 USB jack 16 DC-in jack Note: You can only select either the 25-pin FDD port or the 25-pin parallel port.
  • Page 7: Before You Begin

    Using DockMate V Before you Begin Follow these steps: Connect one end of the AC adapter to the DC-in port on Dock- Mate V; then connect the other end to the power outlet. Connect the desired peripherals to the ports on DockMate V. Route the cables and position DockMate V on your desk —...
  • Page 8: Undocking The Computer

    Display Closed After docking, the computer automatically detects the presence of all peripheral connections on DockMate V and configures itself accordingly. Note: When the computer resumes, it will detect the display adapter, will display unknown monitor and then scan for additional hardware devices. The energy saving feature of the monitor in the Control Panel is not meant for the notebook’s LCD.
  • Page 9 Hold the computer with your palms underneath it and your two thumbs on DockMate V; then lift up the computer to remove it from DockMate V. Close the docking connector door on the bottom of the computer. Note: When docking, DockMate V automatically opens the docking connector door.
  • Page 10 Upgrading DockMate V The flexible AcerLink bay found on the right side of the mini docking station houses a removable module. There are three available modules you can install in the AcerLink bay: Note: Consult your dealer on the availability of AcerLink bay modules.
  • Page 11 Follow these steps to install an AcerLink bay module: Remove all power sources from DockMate V. Undock your computer if it is docked to DockMate V. See “Undocking the Computer” on page 6. If an AC adapter is power- ing DockMate V, unplug it. Turn DockMate V over on its base and remove the AcerLink bay security screw.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Following are common questions and answers related to your use of DockMate V. How do I know the computer is successfully docked into DockMate V? There are two areas you can check: • Physical Lock. When the docked computer is on, the lock indica- tor, found on the top of DockMate V, should be lit.
  • Page 13 My computer’s floppy drive can be used externally. How do I use it when my computer is docked with DockMate V? Follow these steps to make a quick and easy transition: Unplug the floppy drive from the parallel port. Connect the floppy drive to the FDD (floppy disk drive) port on DockMate V.
  • Page 14 DockMate V Quick Reference...

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