D-Link DCH-T160A Quick Install Manual

D-Link DCH-T160A Quick Install Manual

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  • Page 1 Bluetooth Water Sensor DCH-T160A Quick Install Guide...
  • Page 3: Contents Of Packaging

    CONTENTS OF PACKAGING BLUETOOTH WATER SENSOR DCH-T160A 2 AAA BATTERIES QUICK INSTALL CARD If any of these items are missing from your packaging, please contact your reseller. For the full product specifications, please go to http://www.dlink.com SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS • An internet connection from a Wi-Fi router or LTE service.
  • Page 4: Setup Example

    SETUP EXAMPLE The DCH-T160A Bluetooth Water Sensor allows you to be notified of the presence of water so you can stop flooding from getting out of hand from wherever you are. The following diagram shows how you can set up your Smart Home for use with the DCH-T160A.
  • Page 5: Product Setup

    PRODUCT SETUP INSTALLING THE DEVICE Please refer to the steps below to quickly get your DCH-T160A up and running. Step 1: Twist apart the top and bottom in opposite directions. Lift up the top cover to remove it. Step 2: Insert the provided 2 AAA batteries into the bottom cover.
  • Page 6 Quick Install Card in your package. ® Once the configuration process is complete, use the Afero app to automate your home and stay updated with instant push notifications to your mobile device while you're away from home. DCH-T160A...
  • Page 7: Troubleshooting

    Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices). Type “Afero” to search for the app. 3. HOW DOES THE DCH-T160A WORK WHILE I AM AWAY FROM HOME? Remote access of the DCH-T160A is enabled once you have connected it to your hub by registering ®...
  • Page 8: Regulatory Statements

    This transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter. Radiation Exposure Statement This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment should be installed and operated with minimum distance 20cm between the radiator & your body. DCH-T160A...
  • Page 9: Industry Canada

    Cet équipement est conforme aux limites d'exposition aux rayonnements IC établies pour un environnement non contrôlé. Cet équipement doit être installé et utilisé avec un minimum de 20 cm de distance entre la source de rayonnement et votre corps. DCH-T160A...

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