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Setting Up The System; Placement Tips - Acer Aspire RC550 User Manual

Acer aspire rc550: user guide
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Connect your computer into an outlet on a circuit different from
that to which the radio or television is connected.
Consult your dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for more

Setting Up The System

It only takes a few minutes to set up your new Aspire system. Start by
preparing your workspace. Make sure that the surface is stable, level and
Open the box carefully, ensuring that you do not damage the box or any of
the other packing materials. The box will be required if you ever have to
store or ship your computer. Unpack the box and set out the contents on
your work surface.
The package contains an Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) poster. Refer to the
OOBE poster for a step-by-step guide to setting up your computer system.

Placement Tips

For maximum viewing comfort, set up your monitor at arm's length from
your seat, with the top third of the screen at eye level. Tilt and swivel the
display to find the optimum position.
Place your mouse and keyboard side by side in front of the monitor.
Check that you are able to adopt a comfortable typing position.
Choose a chair that can be adjusted for maximum comfort.
Make sure your work area is well lit.


Table of Contents

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