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Maintenance - Toshiba CAF-W36USW Owner's Manual

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Correct placement
In order to achieve better cleaning effect and avoid the influence
of metal shielding effect on communication, please ensure that the
air purifier is more than 30cm away from the wall and other obstructions
when using it, and maintain a distance of more than 50cm from the


These servicing instructions are for use by qualified personnel
only. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not perform any
servicing other than that contained in the operating instructions
unless you are qualified to do so!
Filter cleaning/replacement
When the UV light on the display panel flashes,
it prompts you to replace the filter
Please select a filter that matches the model of the
machine for replacement. Please purchase from your
For more details on the installation of the filter,
please see the "installation" section.
Press the UV button for 3 seconds,
the filter resets and restarts the timer
- It is recommended to clean the filter twice a week and replace the filter half a
year (adjust the cleaning and replacement cycle according to the use environ-
- Can not wash the filter;
- Smaller soft brushes or household vacuum cleaners are recommended for filter
- When using the brush to clean, it should be brushed horizontally along the filter
to avoid vertical brush, so as not to damage the filter;
- When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, keep the suction outlet 5-10mm away
from the surface of the filter so as not to damage the filter.
- When used under the strong odor produced by cigarettes, barbecues, etc., the
filter may have an odor in a matter of weeks or months. Please clean and dry
filter (2-5 days). If you still cannot eliminate the odor, replace the filter.
local authorized dealer.

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