Operating Recommendations; Temperature And Humidity Ranges - Samsung AVMBH020EA4 Owner's Instructions Manual

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Operating Recommendations

Here are a few recommendations that you should follow when operating your air conditioner.
The heat pump function of the air conditioner absorbs heat from outside air and brings
it indoors. As the temperature of the outside air drops, the heating performance of air
conditioner will decrease. If you find that the room is not warm enough, using an
additional heating appliance is recommended.
When outside temperature is low but humidity is high,
frost may form on the outdoor unit at HEAT mode.
If this happens:
The heating operation stops.
The defrost mode will be triggered automatically for about 10 minutes.
No intervention is required ; after about 10 minutes, the air conditioner operates
again normally.
High indoor
If both indoor and outdoor temperatures are high and the air conditioner is running
and outdoor
at HEAT mode, the outdoor unit's fan and compressor may stop at times.
This is normal ; simply wait until the air conditioner switches on again.
Power failure
If a power failure occurs while the air conditioner is operating, the unit will be
switched off. When the power returns, the air conditioner starts up again

Temperature and Humidity Ranges

The following table indicates the temperature and humidity ranges, within which the
air conditioner can be used.
If the air conditioner is used at...
High temperature
Low temperature
High humidity levels
Outdoor Temperature
-15°C to 24°C approx.
- 5°C to 43°C approx.
- 5°C to 43°C approx.
The standardized temperature for heating is 7°C. If the outdoor
temperature drops to 0°C or below, the heating capacity can be
reduced depending on the temperature condition.
If the cooling operation is used at over 32°C(indoor temperature),
it does not cool at its full capacity.
The automatic protection feature may be triggered and the air
conditioner stopped.
A water leakage or some other malfunction may happen if
the heat exchanger freezes.
Water may condense on and drip from the surface of the
indoor unit if it is used for a long periods.
Indoor Temperature
Indoor Humidity
27°C or less
21°C to 32°C approx.
80% or less
21°C to 32°C approx.



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