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Samsung AVMDH052EA0 Installation Manual

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Indoor unit
System Air Conditioner
(Cool and Heat)
E DB98-04170A(1)



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  Summary of Contents for Samsung AVMDH052EA0

  • Page 1 INSTALLATION MANUAL Indoor unit AVMDH052EA0 AVMDH070EA0 System Air Conditioner (Cool and Heat) E DB98-04170A(1)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Chapter Preparation for Installation ....... 4 Deciding on Where to Install the Indoor Unit ....5 Indoor Unit Installation .
  • Page 3 Chapter Preparation for Installation ....4 Deciding on Where to Install the Indoor Unit . . . 5 Indoor Unit Installation ....7 Purging the Unit .
  • Page 4: Preparation For Installation

    Preparation for Installation When deciding on the location of the air conditioner with the owner, the following restrictions must be taken into account. General Do NOT install the air conditioner in a location where it will come into contact with the following elements: Combustible gases Saline air Machine oil...
  • Page 5: Deciding On Where To Install The Indoor Unit

    Deciding on Where to Install the Indoor Unit Indoor Unit There must be no obstacles near the air inlet and outlet. Install the indoor unit on a ceiling that can support its weight. Maintain sufficient clearance around the indoor unit. Make sure that the water dripping from the drain hose runs away correctly and safely.
  • Page 6 Deciding on Where to Install the Indoor Unit (cont.) Drawing of the indoor unit Unit : mm Name Description Liquid pipe connection ø9.52 Flare ø15.88 Flare Gas pipe connection...
  • Page 7: Indoor Unit Installation

    Indoor Unit Installation It is recommended to install the refnet joint before installing the indoor unit. Carefully remove the indoor unit from the packing case and pull out the shipping block on the motor of the unit. Shipping block Place the pattern sheet on the ceiling at the spot where you want to install the indoor unit.
  • Page 8: Purging The Unit

    Purging the unit On delivery, the indoor unit is loaded with refrigerant gas. All this gas must therefore be purged before connecting the assembly piping. To purge the inert gas, proceed as follows. Unscrew the pinch pipe at the end of each refrigerant pipe. Result: All inert gas escapes from the indoor unit.
  • Page 9: Connecting The Refrigerant Pipe

    Connecting the Refrigerant Pipe There are two refrigerant pipes of differing diameters: Liquid refrigerant port A smaller one for the liquid refrigerant A larger one for the gas refrigerant The inside of copper tube must be clean & has no dust. refrigerant port The connection procedure for the refrigerant pipes varies according to...
  • Page 10: Cutting/Flaring The Pipes

    Cutting/Flaring the Pipes Make sure that you have the required tools available (pipe cutter, reamer, flaring tool and pipe holder). If you wish to shorten the pipes, cut it with a pipe cutter, taking care to ensure that the cut edge remains at a 90° angle with the side of the pipe. Refer to the illustrations below for examples of edges cut correctly and incorrectly.
  • Page 11: Performing Leak Test & Insulation

    Performing Leak Test & Insulation Leak Test To check for gas leaks on the indoor unit, check the connection part of each refrigerant pipe by using a leak detector. Insulation Once you have checked that there are no leaks in the system, you can insulate the piping and hose.
  • Page 12: Drain Hose Installation

    Drain Hose Installation Care must be taken when installing the drain hose for the indoor unit to ensure that any condensate water is correctly drained outside. The drain hose can be installed to the right or left side of the base pan. Remove the rubber cap located on the side of the base pan depending on the situation.
  • Page 13 Testing the drainage Prepare a little water about 5 liter. Pour water into the base pan in the indoor unit as shown in figure. Confirm that the water flows out through the drain hose.
  • Page 14: Connecting The Connection Cord

    Connecting the Connection Cord The indoor unit is powered from the outdoor unit via the connection cord. Remove the screw on the electrical component box and remove the cover plate. Route the connection cord through the side of the indoor unit and connect the cable to terminals;...
  • Page 15: Increasing Fan Speed

    Hatching part B : Reliable, required cares not to loose a static pressure Hatching part C : Reliable, required cares not to make noise Out of hatching : Forbidden use Model : Model : AVMDH052EA0 AVMDH070EA0 TURBO TURBO Fan Speed (CMM)
  • Page 16: Assigning Address To Indoor Unit

    Assigning Address to Indoor Unit Before installing the indoor unit, assign an address to the indoor unit according to the air conditioning system plan. The address of the indoor unit is assigned by adjusting MAIN(SW02) and RMC(SW01) rotary switches. K1 K2 K3 K4 SW03 K5 K6 K7 K8 SW04...
  • Page 17: Additional Functions

    Additional Functions Compensation for lost temperature in heating operation Reduces the difference between an actual room temperature and a sensed temperature by the air conditioner when heating. K5 K6 K7 K8 Switch No. Switch ON Switch OFF SW04 2°C compensation 5°C compensation Adjusting filter cleaning cycle You can adjust the cycle for filter sign indicator.
  • Page 18: Air Filter Installation

    Air Filter installation (optional) Remove two screws securing on the levers under the bottom of the indoor unit. Reassemble the levers making the other side face the indoor unit as shown in figure. Turn the levers not to prevent inserting the air filter. Insert the air filter into the indoor unit.
  • Page 19: Drain Pump Installation (Optional)

    Drain Pump Installation (optional) Accessories Drain pump & M4x12 Cable clamp Cable-tie Float switch Tapped screw Connect the cable to the electrical component box as shown at the figure. Connect the drain pump cable to yellow terminal(CN74) and the float switch to black terminal(CN51). Drain pump Float switch Screw the drain pump to the side of the indoor unit with two screws.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Detection of errors If an error occurs during the operation, an LED flickers and the operation is stopped except the LED. If you re-operate the air conditioner, it operates normally at first, then detect an error again. LED Display Indicators Concealed Type Abnormal conditions...
  • Page 21: Led Display

    LED Display Indicators Concealed Type Abnormal conditions Operating Blue Standard Type Self-diagnostic error Displayed on appropriate indoor (including the indoor unit not detected) unit which is operating Displayed on outdoor unit 1. Error of electronic expansion valve close 2. Error of electronic expansion valve open 3.
  • Page 22: Explaining Operations To The Owner

    Explaining Operations to the Owner Before leaving the premises on which you have installed the air conditioner, you should explain the following operations to the owner, making reference to the appropriate pages in the owner’s instruction booklet. How to start and stop the air conditioner. How to select the operating mode and adjust the temperature and fan settings.
  • Page 23: O O P P T T I I O O N N A A L L A A C C C C E E S S S S O O R R I I I I E E E E S S S S

    Chapter Parts List ....... . . 24...
  • Page 24: Parts List

    Parts List Receiver & Display Unit Accessories Concealed Type Receiver & STS 2S-2x10 2S-4x12 Wire kit Owner’s Installation display unit tapped screw tapped screw (length 10m) instructions manual Standard Type Receiver & M4x16 tapped Wire kit Owner’s Installation Cable-tie Cable clamp display unit screw (length 10m)
  • Page 25 Wired Remote Controller Accessories Wired M4x16 tapped Indoor unit power Owner’s Installation Cable-tie Cable clamp remote controller screw drawing cable instructions manual Centralized Controller Accessories Centralized M4x16 tapped Owner’s Installation Cable-tie Cable clamp controller screw instructions manual Transmitter Accessories Transmitter Transmitter com- Installation Transmitter...
  • Page 26 MEMO...

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