Installing The Unit - Kenwood DMX100BT Instruction Manual

Monitor with receiver
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Ñ Installation procedure
1) To prevent a short circuit, remove the key from
the ignition and disconnect the ¤ terminal of the
2) Make the proper input and output wire connections
for each unit.
3) Connect the wire on the wiring harness.
4) Take Connector B on the wiring harness and connect
it to the speaker connector in your vehicle.
5) Take Connector A on the wiring harness and connect
it to the external power connector on your vehicle.
6) Connect the wiring harness connector to the unit.
7) Install the unit in your car.
8) Reconnect the ¤ terminal of the battery.
9) Press the reset button.

Installing the unit

Ñ Non-Japanese cars
• Make sure that the unit is installed securely in place. If
the unit is unstable, it may malfunction (eg, the sound
may skip).
Ñ Japanese cars (Latin America sales area
7 or 8
Car Bracket
Bend the tabs of the
mounting sleeve with
a screwdriver or similar
utensil and attach it in
7 or 8
Autogoods "130"
Ñ Trim plate
1) Attach accessory 1 to the unit.
Ñ Microphone unit
1) Check the installation position of the microphone
(accessory 4).
2) Clean the installation surface.
3) Remove the separator of the microphone (accessory
4), and stick the microphone to the place shown
4) Wire the microphone cable up to the unit with it
secured at several positions using tape or other
desired method.
5) Adjust the direction of the microphone (accessory 4)
to the driver.
Fix a cable with a commercial item of tape.
• Swap the clips if necessary.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents