Bose Lifestyle ROOMMATE Owner's Manual

Bose Lifestyle ROOMMATE Owner's Manual

Bose roommate powered speaker system manual
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  Summary of Contents for Bose Lifestyle ROOMMATE

  • Page 1 LIFESTYLE RoomMate ® ® P O W E R E D S P E A K E R S Y S T E M...
  • Page 2 The RoomMate Directive 73/23/EEC. The PERSONAL (R+TTED). The complete Declarations of Conformity can be found on Please dispose of used batteries properly, following any local regulations. Do not incinerate. Additional safety information See the additional instructions on the Important Safety Instructions sheet (North America only) enclosed in the shipping carton.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    II ......® speaker system ....®...
  • Page 4 Dealer name: ___________________________________________________________________________ Dealer phone: _________________________________ Be sure to fill out your Product Registration Card and mail it to Bose. Failure to do so does not affect your limited warranty. Please keep your sales receipt and product registration together with this owner’s guide.
  • Page 5: Introducing

    The original packing materials provide the safest way to transport this product. If any part of the product appears to be damaged, do not attempt to use it. Contact your authorized Bose dealer immediately or call Bose Customer Service. Refer to the address list enclosed in the carton for phone numbers.
  • Page 6: Rear Panel Features

    Mate speaker sys- tem” on page 11. Front panel mute switch The bottom front center of the speaker enclosure contains a touch-sensitive mute switch. To mute or unmute the speaker, just touch the Bose logo. Figure 3 RoomMate speaker mute switch location...
  • Page 7: Connecting The Speaker To Your Lifestyle

    Figure 4. Your LIFESTYLE in a Bose link network using room code I. If room code I is already assigned to another Bose link product in your home, you will need to change the room code. For more information, see “Changing the room code for your RoomMate speaker system”...
  • Page 8: Making The Power Connections

    ETUP Making the power connections 1. Insert the DC power cord from the power pack into the DC Power jack on the rear panel of the RoomMate 2. Insert the small connector of the AC power cord into the power pack. Plug the other end into an appropriate AC receptacle.
  • Page 9: Installing Batteries In The Personal ® Music Center Ii

    Installing batteries in the PERSONAL music center II The PERSONAL system using room code I. If room code I is already assigned to another Bose your home, you will need to change the room code. Refer to “When to change the room code”...
  • Page 10: Adding An External Audio Source

    AUX IN jack. Using an external source without a Bose When your RoomMate speaker is disconnected from a Bose link network, the AUX IN source is automatically selected. This means that you can listen to an external audio source without using your PERSONAL set the volume level of the speaker.
  • Page 11: Changing The Room Code For Your Roommate ® Speaker System

    ® RoomMate speaker is shipped from the factory already set up to operate link room using room code I. If room code I is already used by another Bose ® ® music center II. See “When to change the room code” on Room ®...
  • Page 12: Using The Personal

    Confirm that current settings are right Your PERSONAL • To control the sound from a LIFESTYLE RoomMate output on your LIFESTYLE system media center. • A house code identical to the one given every new LIFESTYLE “Why would you change the house code?”...
  • Page 13: Basic Controls

    • Activates the last used source at its previous volume level and preset. • Turns off the current source, the PERSONAL RoomMate speaker in the Bose link room. Moves around on the display. • Tipping the center bar up or down moves up or down.
  • Page 14: What Appears On The Display

    Figure 9 Source display Room label Indicates more choices Audio 2, the stream selected to deliver sound to the Bose SONAL ® Note: To understand what Audio 1 and 2 mean, refer to “Audio streams multiply your options” on page 20.
  • Page 15: Display Symbols

    All speakers muted: The Mute button – on your PERSONAL music center II or in another room – has been pressed and held, silencing the speakers in all Bose Mute now will unmute the speakers in your room only. Information: Pressing the center bar information about a track.
  • Page 16: Buttons To Use While You Listen

    When pressed and held again, returns all speakers to their previous state. ® system CD play; they may not apply to another ® system used as an Bose link room local source. ® 38 and 48 systems. playback system and turn on the LIFESTYLE Français...
  • Page 17: Adjustable Features Of The Personal ® Music Center Ii

    Distinguishes each room (up to 15) connected to the system. Choosing A will match the setting for the LIFESTYLE main room. Choosing O allows the PERSONAL (legacy) products, such as Bose a Wave ® radio, or other amplifiers, with limited functionality.
  • Page 18: The Importance Of Room Codes

    Indicates which version of the PERSONAL is installed currently. ® music center II is set at the factory for use in a Bose ® system media center and primary remote are set for use in the main room. The ®...
  • Page 19: When To Change The Room Code

    When to change the room code • If you have set up other Bose Room A. • If you prefer to use your PERSONAL primary remote control, it must be set for Room A.
  • Page 20: Music Center

    Audio 1 – the stream that delivers sound in the main room. For example, there may be times when you don’t want to hear what is playing in one of your multiple Bose stream there, you can switch to Audio 1, which may not otherwise be in use. This option also allows people in different rooms to use the uMusic selected.
  • Page 21: Performance At Your Command

    English Español Français Performance at your command By pressing the selected audio stream. Select a different source by pressing down on the display to highlight the preferred source. Then press in on the center bar ( to confirm your selection. Use the buttons shown in Figure 14 as you listen.
  • Page 22 ® LIFESTYLE ISTENING TO YSTEM • To select a different preset: 1. Press the Presets button on the PERSONAL 2. Move up or down to highlight the preferred preset and press in on the center bar confirm the new selection. This returns to the original display screen.
  • Page 23: Searching The Library Of Stored Music

    English Español Français In order to... Scan forward through the current track... Scan backward through the current track... Skip to the beginning of this track... Skip to the beginning of the previous track... Skip this track... Return to a previous track... See the list of other sources...
  • Page 24: Using The Radio

    ® LIFESTYLE ISTENING TO YSTEM 2. Press in on the center bar Figure 17 Select Artist Results of the search for Genre: - All artists - artists in all genres ABBA Artist: Beatles, The Album: Bee Gees, The Track: Big Audio Dynam... Cure, The 16 albums / 221 tracks Cancel...
  • Page 25 Your LIFESTYLE assigning a preset number to the stations you like most, you can get to them quickly and easily. All of the presets can be used in any of the Bose link rooms. To assign preset numbers Most simply, you can let the system assign the next available preset number to the station you have tuned in.
  • Page 26: Playing A Cd

    ® LIFESTYLE ISTENING TO YSTEM Playing a CD Make sure there is a CD in the disc tray. The player can then begin to play as soon as you select CD/DVD from the source list. The display on your PERSONAL track playing.
  • Page 27: Playing A Dvd Or Vcd

    English Español Français Or, simply listen and use the PERSONAL range of control options. In order to... Pause the music... Resume play from where the music paused... Stop and start again at the beginning of the CD... Scan forward through the current track... Scan backward through the current track...
  • Page 28 ® LIFESTYLE ISTENING TO YSTEM Figure 21 DVD or VCD display Back • You can move up or down to change chapters (or tracks) one by one, or press the center • Or, just listen and use the PERSONAL control options. In order to...
  • Page 29: Listening To Other Sources

    English Español Français Listening to other sources Your LIFESTYLE cable or satellite box, and can select and operate the additional source connected using these jacks. Each one of these components also appears in the source list of your PERSONAL center II. So, once a component in the list has been turned on, you can select and listen to it. Note: Except for a TV, the PERSONAL your LIFESTYLE •...
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    Audio 1 stream doesn’t work • If you are using an older Bose product, which is not Bose link compatible, you may be limited to the Audio 2 stream only. Cannot hear my external source • Make sure cable from the external device is connected to the AUX IN jack.
  • Page 31: Music Center Ii

    Your RoomMate ferable limited warranty. See your product registration card for details. Please be sure to fill out the information section on the card and mail it to Bose. Failure to do so will not affect your limited warranty. Technical information...