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Cleaning And Maintenance - Frigidaire FMF2K5BKQ0 Owner's Manual

Outdoor misting fan
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Disconnect from the electrical socket during cleaning or initial
To ensure adequate air circulation to the motor, keep the vents at
the rear of the motor housing clear of dust, dirt, etc. Unplug the fan
before using a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to clean the grilles.
It should not be necessary to disassemble the fan to clean it.
Wipe the exterior housing of the fan with a soft cloth soaked in a
mild detergent. Do not use any abrasive detergents or solvents to
avoid damaging the surface. Do not use gasoline, thinner, or bending
to clean the fan.
Do not allow water or any other liquid into the motor housing or
interior parts.
When dismantling the fan (we recommend following the assembly
instructions in reverse), be sure to clean each of the components
before storage. Allow all parts to dry completely before storing.
To test the GFCI feature, press the "TEST" button. The fan should
immediately shut off as if the GFCI has been tripped. Press the
"RESET" button and the fan should be able to be turned on again,
and the light on the GFCI box should light up orange. If it does,
then the unit (as well as the GFCI feature) are functioning
If the fuse in the power cord plug needs to be replaced, follow these
Pull the power plug from the outlet, being careful not to pull
from the cord.
b) Slide open the fuse access cover.
c) Remove the fuse slowly and carefully by inserting a small tool
into the fuse slot and prying it out. When one side of the fuse has
been lifted out, you will be able to remove it entirely.
d) Only replace the fuse with 5 Amp / 125 Volt fuses. Using an
incompatible fuse may cause a fire.
e) Close the fuse cover.
f) Caution: Do not attempt to replace the plug or the power cord
itself. Only replace a broken fuse with a compatible fuse. If any part
of the plug or cord are damaged, contact customer service for



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