Whistler 800 WATT POWER INVERTER Owner's Manual

Whistler group owner's manual 800 watt power inverter.
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800 WATT

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    Bentonville, AR 72712 TEL (479) 273-6012 FAX (479) 273-2927 www.whistlergroup.com CUSTOMER RETURN CENTER 1201 N. Dixieland Rd. Rogers, AR 72756 Consumer Relations Tel (800) 531-0004 Email: info@whistlergroup.com P/N 205563 © 2004 The Whistler Group, Inc. OWNER’S MANUAL 800 WATT POWER INVERTER...

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    Your new Whistler power inverter allows you to run most AC appliances right from your car, boat or RV. They’re great for weekend use and life on the road. They’re also great for...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    “modified sine wave”. See “Technical Operating Principles” section for more information. Depending on the model and its rated capacity, Whistler inverters draw power either from standard 12 volt automo- bile and marine batteries or from portable high power 12 volt sources.

  • Page 4: Important Information, Inverter Basics, Operation

    Whistler inverter and keep the manual on file for future reference. Notes: Your Whistler inverter is designed to operate from a 12 volt power source only. Never attempt to connect your Whistler inverter to any other power source, including any AC power source.

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    INVERTER BASICS Don’t Push It. Although your Whistler inverter has the capacity to provide power output (excess current) equal to approximately two times its rated wattage capacity for a very brief period, it is designed to operate equipment and appliances with start up load wattage ratings no higher than its own maximum continuous wattage rating.

  • Page 6

    Reverse polarity will blow the internal fuses in the inverter and may cause permanent damage to the inverter. Damage caused by reverse polarity is not covered under the Whistler warranty. • Making the connection between the Positive (+) ter- minals may cause a spark as a result of current flowing to the capacitors in the inverter.

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    OPERATION Turn the inverter rocker switch to the OFF (O) position. (The GREEN LED Power Indicator light may “blink” briefly and/or the internal audible alarm may make a momentary “chirp”. This is normal). Confirm that the equipment or appliance to be oper- ated is turned off.

  • Page 8

    <0.40 A ). ADDITIONAL FEATURES Automatic Shut Down & Related Safety Features. Each Whistler inverter model has an unique LED Indicator warning light system which operates in conjunction with the automatic shut down feature. These indicator lights...

  • Page 9: Care & Maintenance

    Some Powerful Advice. Your Whistler inverter will work best when placed on a rea- sonably flat surface. The floor or seat of your car or truck both are good locations.

  • Page 10

    Consequently, these meters will not read the RMS modified sine wave voltage correctly and, when measuring your Whistler inverter output, the meters will read about 20 to 30 volts too low. To accurately measure the output voltage of your inverter, use a true RMS reading voltmeter such as a Fluke 87, Fluke 8060A, Beckman 4410, Triplett 4200 or any multimeter identified as "True RMS."...

  • Page 11: Operation Summary

    OPERATION SUMMARY • This inverter is designed to be connected to the power source with the supplied cables or with #4 wire up to 12’ - #2 wire for longer length. When utilizing the sup- plied cables do not attempt to modify or lengthen them.

  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM: TV Interference Problem Solution Electrical interference from Add a Ferrite data line filter inverter. on to the TV power cord. This filter is available at Radio Shack, part number 273-105. PROBLEM: Low or No Output Voltage Problem Solution Using incorrect type of Use true RMS reading voltmeter to test output...

  • Page 13: Specifications

    TV is compatible with a modified sine wave. A larger inverter may be required. SPECIFICATIONS WHISTLER 800 WATT INVERTER SPECIFICATIONS Maximum Continuous Power ...800 Watts Maximum Surge Capability (Peak Power) 1600 Watts No Load Current Draw...<0.40 A Waveform ...Modified Sine Wave Operating Input Voltage Range ...9.5 –...

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    All express or implied warranties for this product are limited to two years. Whistler is not liable for damages arising from the use, misuse, or operation of this product.

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    • The unit has been abused, modified, installed improperly, or had its housing removed. The out of warranty service fee for your 800 watt Whistler inverter is $50.00 (U.S.). If you require out of warranty serv- ice, please return your inverter as outlined in the section “Service Under Warranty”...

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