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Location Requirements - Whirlpool 121802 Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

Residential electric water heater
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Location Requirements

Site location
Select a location near the center of the water piping
system. It must be installed indoors and in a vertical
position on a level surface.
The water heater should be located in an area not subject
to freezing temperatures. Water heaters located in
unconditioned spaces (i.e., attics, basements, etc.) May
require the water piping and drain piping to be insulated to
protect against freezing. The drain and controls must be
easily accessible for operation and service.
This water heater does not have suffi cient capacity for use
with a spa or hot tub.
NOTE: Local codes and requirements in your area
may require the installation of your water heater be
accomplished in a way that the bottom element is elevated
from the fl oor at least 18 inches.
IMPORTANT: The water heater should be located in an
area where leakage of the tank or connections will not
result in damage to the area adjacent to the water heater or
to lower floors of the structure. Due to the normal corrosive
action of the water, the tank will eventually leak after an
extended period of time. Also any external plumbing leak,
including those from improper installation, may cause
early failure of the tank due to corrosion if not repaired.
If the owner/operator is uncomfortable with making the
repair a qualified person should be contacted. A suitable
metal drain pan should be installed under the water heater
as shown below, to help protect the property from damage
which may occur from condensate formation or leaks in
the piping connections or tank.
water level to a maximum depth of 2-1/2 inches and be
two inches wider than the heater and piped to an adequate
Locate the water heater near a suitable indoor
drain. Outside drains are subject to freezing temperatures
which can obstruct the drain line. The piping should be at
least 3/4" ID and pitched for proper drainage. Under no
circumstance will the manufacturer or seller of this water
heater be held liable for any water damage which is caused
by your failure to follow these instructions.
2 1/2" Maximum
At least 2" greater than the
diameter of the water heater
The pan must limit the
Pipe to
NOTE: The water heater shall be located so it is not subject
to physical damage by moving vehicles or area fl ooding.
Figure 1
Residential Garage
State of California
NOTE: The water heater must be braced, anchored, or
strapped to avoid moving during an earthquake. Contact
local utilities for code requirements in your area or call
1-877-817-6750 and request instructions.

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Table of Contents

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