Whirlpool Thin Twin LT5000XS Use & Care Manual

Electric and gas model washer/dryer
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  • Page 1 Microwave Ovens. Trash Compactors. Room AM Condltloners, thin Win WASHERaDRYER Electric Models LT5OOOXS LT5004XS Gas Model LT51OOXS Dehumldlflers, Automallc Washers, Clolhes Dryers. Freezers, Refrlgerat...
  • Page 2: Parts And Features

    Parts and features Copy your Model and Serial Numbers here When you need service or call with a question, have this informa- tion ready: 1. Complete Numbers (from the plate located as shown). 2. Purchase date from sales slip. Copy this information in these spaces.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Cleaning the Lint Filter DRYER OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS . . Starting Your Dryer Automatic Cycles 01987 Whirlpool Corporation Before using your THIN TWIN* washeredryer For best washing and drying results, you must take some very important steps before, during and after each load: Prepare and sort each load for washing, (see your “Laundry Guide”).
  • Page 4: Washer*Dryer

    Important safety instructions WARNING - To reduce the risk of fire, electric injury to persons when using your washer/dryer, basic precautions, including Read these laundry Instructions for important safety information before using your washer/dryer. NEVER wash or dry items cleanec, wasned, soaked in or spotted with wax, paint, gasoline, or flammaole fluids in...
  • Page 5 Additional Safety Instructions ALWAYS shut off the gas valve before leaving on vacation. unplug the power supply cord ALWAYS before attempting to service the wash- er/dryer. Shut off GAS VALVE if yours is a gas dryer. FOR YOUR SAFETY IF YOU SMELL GAS: 1.
  • Page 6: Washer Operating Instructions

    Washer operating instructions Starting Your Washer Be sure to measure and add detergent, a sorted load in the washer before starting it. . Select LOAD SIZE Turn the knob to point at a setting that describes the size of load you want to wash.
  • Page 7 I I’ Select . Start the washer Push in the Control Knob and turn it to the right. It must be pushed in and turned only clockwise. Start the washer by pulling out the control knob. The washer will fill to the level you set with wash water of the selected temperature.
  • Page 8: What Happens In Each Cycle

    What Happens in Each Cycle* Each cycle has different agitation and spin speeds designed for different kinds of fabrics. Numbers on the dial in each cycle are the minutes of WASH agitation time. When the Cycle Control Knob is set to a number and pulled out, the washer fills before agitation and timing starts.
  • Page 9 turns clockwise until it points to OFF and the cycle ends. NOTE: You may hear the sound of water spraying during the spin parts of some cycles. In some cycles, cold water is sprayed on the spinning load to help with the rinsing. Genlie Wash System For better fabric care in the REGULAR and PERMANENT PRESS cycles, the...
  • Page 10: Cycle

    KNITS/GENTLE Cycle A cycle that gently washes Alndicates the machine is pausing and spins delicate items and washable knits. SOAK and PRE-WASH Cycles Brief periods of agitation and soak time help remove heavy soils and certain stains that need extra pretreatment.
  • Page 11 Special care is needed when soaking or pre-washing See your “Laundry Guide” for proper use of this cycle. After the Partial Drain, the washer automatically refills and goes in the REGULAR/HEAVY Cycle. Be sure to use enough detergent for the double wash. laundry...
  • Page 12: Other Operating Instructions

    Other operating instructions For a rinse and spin You may need an extra rinse and spin for heavily soiled loads which need more detergent. (Extra detergent can require an extra rinse.) 1. Push Control Knob in. 2. Turn clockwise to any on the dial.
  • Page 13: Cleaning The Lint Filter

    Cleaning the lint filter Clean filter after every load for best filtering results. NOTE: The load type will vary the amount of lint build-up. To clean: 1. Lift off the agitator barrel. 2. Wash or wipe the filter clean in the bottom of the agitator barrel.
  • Page 14: Automatic Cycles

    To Stop and . Restart the Dryer To stop, open the door (or turn the Control Knob to the OFF area). To restart, close the door and push the START Button. The automatic cycles The automatic cycles allow you to select the degree of dryness you prefer for the clothes being dried.
  • Page 15: Timed Drying

    Tied drying Use the TIMED DRYING Cycles for any load you want to dry by time. Turn the Control Knob to the number of minutes you want-from 10 to 50. The last 10 minutes of this cycle are without heat - a cool-down time.
  • Page 16: Drying Tips

    Drying tips The dryer does not heat when the Control Knob is set on FLUFF AIR. This setting can be used to fluff bedding, plastic tablecloths, foam rubber pillows, stuffed toys, sneakers, etc. Mixed loads When drying a load with different kinds and weights of fabrics, use the cycle suggested for the lightest fabrics.
  • Page 17: Lint Screen

    Lint screen Clean the lint screen before each load. A screen blocked by lint can increase drying time and may be a FIRE HAZARD. The lint screen is inside the dryer drum, on the- back wall. 1. Use the finger holes to pull the lint screen .
  • Page 18: Cleaning Dryer Interior

    Caring for your washeredryer When not washing, keep both water faucets turned off. This takes the pres- sure off the water inlet valve and hoses. Never use the washer to... soak for more than 2 hours. soak with chlorine bleach. soak with vinegar or other acids.
  • Page 19: Vacation Care

    Vacation care Winterizing Install and store your washer/dryer where it won’t freeze. Because some water stays in the washer, freezing can damage it. If your washer/ dryer is stored or moved during freezing weather, winterize it. 1. Shut off both water 2.
  • Page 20: If You Need Service Or Assistance

    If you need service or assistance, we suggest you follow these five steps: Before calling for assistance... Performance problems often result from little things you can find and fix yourself without tools of any kind. If your washer does not till: Is the power supply cord plugged into a live circuit with the proper voltage?
  • Page 21 Whirlpool appliance. ‘If you must call or write, please pro- vide: model number, serial number, date of purchase, and a complete description of the problem.
  • Page 22 Notes...
  • Page 23 Notes...
  • Page 24: 01987 Whirlpool Corporation

    God or use of products not approved Any labor costs durlng the llmited warranty. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSE- QUENTIAL DAMAGES. Some states do not allow the exclusion Incidental or consequential damages not apply to you.

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