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Whirlpool Thin Twin LT5000XL Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool use & care guide washer & dryer lt5000xl
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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool Thin Twin LT5000XL

  • Page 1 WASHER DRYER Model LT5OOOXL...
  • Page 2 Parts and features Copy your When you need service question, have this information 1. Complete Model bers [from the plate shown). 2. Purchase date from sales slip. Copy this information Keep this book, your warranty slip together in a handy is no warranty Proof-of-purchase for in-warranty...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Your Responsibilities Installation Operation .:::: I’ “1: Safety 4 WASHER.DRYER Before Using Your Washer-Dryer WASHER Starting Your Washer Lid Latch What Happen’’Each Cycle Other Operating Instructions Cleaning the Lint Filter Your responsibilities Read this”Use and Care Guide”and carefully for important use and-safety You are personally responsible...
  • Page 5: Before Using

    Before using your THIN TWIN* washer dryer For best washing drying results, you must take steps before, during and after each load: 1. Prepare and sort each load for washing 2. Measure and add detergent or soap to washier 9-10). 3.
  • Page 6: Starting Your Washer

    Starting your washer Before starting your washer, be sure you have detergent. and have put in a properly your “Laundry Guide:’ Position 1. SELECTOR SWITCH Move Selector Switch to WASHER position. Washer will not operate when switch is in DRYER position. Select WATER TEMPERATURES...
  • Page 7 To hold the washer lid up, lift the I until it snaps past the latch. To release the lid, push the Ii latch Select CYCLE and WASH Start the washer Push in the Control Knob and turn it to the right. It must be pushed in and turned only clockwrse.
  • Page 8: What Happen''each Cycle

    What happens in each cvcle Each cycle has different agitation kinds of fabrics. Numbers on the dial in each agitation time. When the Cycle Control Knob is set to a numt fills before agitation timing REGULAR HEAVY Cycle High agitation spin speeds heavy water...
  • Page 9 clockwise until it points to OFF and the cycle NOTE:You hear the sound some cycles. In some cycles, cold help with the rinsing. PARTIAL DRAIN (Pause about 1% Minutes) NOTE: Always permanent press fabrics. SPEED SPIN 3 Spray Rinses Pre-wash setting begins Special...
  • Page 10 I I’ Other operating instructions For a rinse You may need spin for heavily need more detergent. tergent Push Control Turn clockwise See above Pull Control The washer with cold water, agitate drain For a soak or pre-wash For best results, use warm water for soaking laundry.
  • Page 11: Starting Your Dryer

    Starting your dryer Before starting your dryer, be sure laundry properly (see your “Laundry Guide”). Position 1. SELECTOR SWITCH Move Selector Switch to DRYER position. Dryer will not operate when switch is in washer position. Push START Button The dryer will start tumbling when...
  • Page 12: Selecting A Cycle

    Selecting a cycle Dryer cycles are designed forthe fabrics. This dryer has 3 cycles: REGULAR HEAVY-The heat is off during the last 5 of tumbling. minutes The load is cooled down for more comfortable,handling. PERMANENT PRESS-The heat is off during the last of tumbling Xlminutes...
  • Page 13: Lint Screen

    Mixed loads When drying a load with different kinds and weights of fabrics, use the cycle suggested for the lightest fab- rics. When the dryer stops, remove dry Items and reset the control. Lint screen Clean the lint screen before each increase drying...
  • Page 14: Vacation Care

    Vacation care 1. Turn off both water faucets take pressure off inlet valves and hoses. Winterizing Install and store your washer/dryer some water stays in the washer, freezing dryer is stored or moved during freezing 1. Shut off both water 2.
  • Page 15: If You Need Assistance

    ,c /;‘(‘1,1/1’1\/h’\ XYZSERVICECO 123 Maple 999.9999 WASHING MACHINES, DRYERS 6 IRONERS-SERVICING WHIRLPOOLAPPLIANCES FRANCHISEDTECH CARESERVICE XYZSERVICECO 123 Maple FSP is a registered trademark of Whirlpool Corporation qualitY parts look for this symbol of quality whenever need a replacement part for yOUr...
  • Page 16 whirlpmol Home 8; Appliances Making your world a httle easier Part No. 693011 Printed in U.S.A.