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Selecting A Cycle And Time - Whirlpool LSR6132HQ0 Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool one speed automatic washers use & care guide
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5. Turn the LOAD SIZE selector to the correct setting for
your wash load and the type of fabric being washed.
Choose a load size that allows the load to move
freely for best fabric care. See "Loading".
You may change the load size selection after the
washer has started filling by turning the selector to a
different setting.
6. Set the TEMPERATURE selector to the correct setting
for the type of fabric and soils being washed.
Use the warmest water safe for fabric.
Follow garment label instructions.
HOT: 111°F (44°C) or above
– Whites and pastels
– Heavy and greasy soils
WARM: 90° to 110°F (32° to 43°C)
– Bright colors
– Moderate to light soils
COLD: 70° to 90°F (21° to 32°C)
– Colors that bleed or fade
– Light soils
7. Push in the Cycle Control knob and turn it clockwise to
the wash cycle you want. Reduce the wash time when
using a small load size setting. See "Selecting a Cycle
and Time."
8. Pull out the Cycle Control knob to start the washer.
9. (OPTIONAL STEP) If desired, add measured liquid
fabric softener to the final rinse water. Always dilute
fabric softener with ½ to 1 cup of warm water.
Undiluted fabric softener can stain fabrics.
NOTE: To stop the washer at any time, push in the Cycle
Control knob. To restart the washer, close the lid (if open)
and pull out the Cycle Control knob.

Selecting a Cycle and Time

This section describes the available wash cycles and will
help you make the best cycle selections for your wash
loads. Each cycle is designed for different types of fabric
and soil levels.
The washer pauses briefly throughout each cycle.
These pauses are normal. Refer to "Normal washer
sounds" to learn more about the sounds you may hear
during a wash cycle.
Refer to "Understanding washer cycles" to learn what
happens during a wash cycle.
NOTE: This manual covers several different models.
The washer you purchased will not have all of the
cycles described.
Normal cycle
This cycle features high-speed agitation for maximum
cleaning, and high-speed spin to shorten drying time.
Select up to 14 minutes of wash time, depending on your
model, to clean large loads of sturdily constructed fabrics
that are heavily soiled.
Super Wash - Select the 18-minute Super Wash feature to
wash heavily soiled loads that need maximum soil
removal. Use two times the recommended amount of
detergent for this cycle.



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