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Troubleshooting Tips - Black & Decker Price Pfister R 89 Series Manual

Tub & shower / shower only trim kit
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Temperature or flow does not remain consistent.
The Cartridge Assembly (D) may need cleaning. Shut off water supply. Remove
Handle Assembly (A), unscrew Retainer Sleeve (B) and remove Flange (C).
Remove Cartridge assembly (D) and inspect Cartridge (E) and inlets for debris
or sediment and flush with water. Reassemble whole unit and test. If problem
persists you may need to replace the Cartridge (E).
Sleeve (B) is too short.
Extension kit 910-563 is available at a nominal charge for valves which have
been roughed-in too far back in the wall. The kit contains a one inch stem
extension, and longer screw and a sleeve which is one inch longer than the
Dripping from either the tub spout or shower head.
Clean the Cartridge Assembly (D). Check to ensure the two Oval O-Rings (F)
on the back of the Cartridge (E) are in place. Reassemble cartridge, stem and
bonnet assembly and handle. Turn on the water and test. If the unit still leaks,
replace the Cartridge (E).
Make sure that both hot and cold water inlets are turned on.
Water flow is very low.
Check the Cartridge Assembly (D), for debris. Sediment where the water enters
the Shower Head (G) can also cause this symptom.
Water starts out hot and becomes cooler as handle is rotated counter
This is a potentially hazardous situation and should be corrected before using
the unit. Check the hot and cold inlet positions (hot- left cold-right). If you have
a back to back installation, (where hot and cold inlets are reversed) refer to
Valve Body instruction sheets for back to back installation.
Water flows from the shower head while filling the tub.
Check the position of the Valve Body (J). The letters "SHWR" should be cast
into the top and "TUB" on the bottom.
Water doesn't get hot enough.
Remove Handle (A), Sleeve (B) and Flange (C) and then refer to Valve Body
instruction sheets for adjusting temperature range.
Water flows from the tub spout while using the shower.
The seal inside of the diverter mechanism may have become dislodged. The
Spout (H) may need replacement.
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