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Mounting On The Wall - Bosch PowerStar AE125 Handbook

Bosch water heater handbook for powerstar ae115, ae125
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The unit must only be installed in the orientation shown in Diagram 1, i.e., mounted in a vertical position
with the water fittings located at the bottom of the unit. Under no circumstances should the unit be
mounted differently.
If being used in a public place, position the unit out of easy reach to discourage vandalism.
Mount the unit onto a flat section of wall, well away from any potential splash es of water or spray.
Position the unit upright with all plumbing and electrical connections at the bottom of the unit.

Mounting on the wall

Undo the retaining screws on the front cover and take the cover off the unit. Hold the back plate in
position against the wall and mark the four mounting holes.
Drill the holes and secure the unit using the four wood screws supplied or an appropriate alternative
Plumbing the unit
Do not install a non-return check valve within 10 feet of the inlet . Do not apply heat or solder to
connections or pipes if they are already directly connected to the unit.
Fitting the pipes
The unit should be connected directly to the main cold water supply and not to pre -heated water .
(The inlet water temperature must not be greater than 86°F.) The unit should be installed with shut-
off valves on both the inlet and outlet connections.
It is recommended that you use ¾ inch or ½ inch copper or high -pressure flex connections.
Use Teflon tape for sealing pipe threads. Do NOT use pipe dope.
Remember to keep the hot water pipe runs as short as possible.
After the unit has been plumbed, and before you wire it, flush it with water to remove any debris or
loose particles. Failure to do so may make the unit inoperable.
Connecting the unit to the pipes
The inlet and outlet connections are clearly marked on the unit. They each have a ¾ inch NPT
Install a ball valve in the cold water line. This valve can be used to turn off the water supply to the
unit if it needs servicing, or to reduce the water flow if it is too high.
As a condition of installing this product in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a pressure relief valve
shall be installed on the cold water side, by a licensed plumber MGL 142 Secti on 19 Approval number:
Wiring to the unit in the United States of America
The unit must be installed by a qualified electrician, in accordance with the current version of the National
Electrical Code. The unit must be grounded.

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