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Using The Powerstar; Installing The Powerstar - Bosch PowerStar AE125 Handbook

Bosch water heater handbook for powerstar ae115, ae125
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Using the PowerStar

Do not use the unit if you think it may be frozen, as this could result in serious damage to the unit. Wait
until you are sure that it has completely thawed out before you switch it on.
Check that the power is switched on at the circuit breaker panel.
Turn on the hot water faucet FULLY. The hot water temperature can be changed by adjusting the
temperature dial on the bottom surface of the unit. (The dial adjusts the temperature typically
between 95°F and 131°F. The factory sets the temperature dial at the lowest position.)
There are internal safety thermal cut-outs which will operate if the unit overheats. If a thermal cut-
out trips, then it must be reset by a qualified electrician.
If the unit has been used recently, run the water through for a few seconds to let the temperature
settle down. You may initially get a short burst of very hot water from the unit.
If a second outlet connected to the unit is also turned on, the hot water will be shared between the

Installing the PowerStar

Do not install the unit in a room where there
is a chance of freezing.
Check the pressure of the main water supply. To operate correctly, the unit needs the following running
pressures : Minimum: 15 psi (1 Bar)
Securing the unit to the wall
Diagram 1
Maximum: 150 psi (10 Bar)
A E115 Unit
Read entire instructions.
AE125 Unit

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