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Cash counter & discriminator
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Hitachi Terminal Solutions Korea Co., Ltd.
iH-110 User Guide
1. The product should be used under the environment specified in the instruction
manual. If it is used under the other environment of the specification, there may
cause fie and electric shock.
2. When operating inside the product for error or clearing or cleaning etc., the
operation should be made in accordance with the description in the instruction
manual. Operation other than the description may cause an accident.
1. Do not turn off the power, pull out the power supply plug, or open the cover of
the product during the operation. Otherwise, it may cause an accident.
2. Do not put a vase or glass with an object and/or water etc. on the product.
Otherwise, it may cause fire, electric shock, and/or injury by spilling water or
3. Do not apply shock on the product. There is a risk of damaging the product and
normal operation cannot be performed.
4. Do not use chemicals such as thinner or benzene when removing dirt of the
product. Otherwise, it may cause damages.
5. Do not use a interface cable other than the attached one. When cables are other
than the attachment, it may cause the interface error or machine trouble.
Do not use a combustible spray etc. around product. If spraying gas etc. contacts
the electrical parts inside the product, it may cause explosion and fire.
1. When touching inside the product for cleaning or parts replacement etc., be sure
to turn off the power. If you work with turning the power on, it may cause electric
shock and/or injury.
2. Do not touch the product, power supply plug, and cord with a wet hand. There is
a risk of electric shock.
3. The electrical parts inside the product should not get wet by rain or water at
cleaning etc. if they get wet, it may cause electric shock and/or shock.
4. Do not turn off air heating suddenly when the product is completely cold.
Moisture may adhere inside the product due to sudden air heating and it may
cause electric shock.

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Table of Contents

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