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Cash counter & discriminator
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Hitachi Terminal Solutions Korea Co., Ltd.
iH-110 User Guide
5. There is a charging part inside. Be sure to turn off the power before opening
any cover. If the cover is opened without turning off the power, it may cause
electric shock.
1. Do not drop any metallic piece such as a clip, staple etc. inside or in a clearance
of the product. If a metallic piece drops inside the product and contacts the electric
circuit, it may cause fire and/or damage to the product.
2. When the product is not use for a long time, be sure to pull out the power supply
plug from an outlet for safety. Otherwise, it may cause heating and/or firing due to
dust accumulation.
Do not modify the product or mount modified parts on the product. Further, do not
dismount the portion which is not indicated to be opened/closed in the manual or
the cover and parts etc. fixed with screws etc. Otherwise, it may cause fire,
electric shock, and/or injury.
1. Keep your hand or clothes away from the machine during operation or any
moving parts of the product reachable. This may cause body injury and/or
damage to personal property.
2. When closing a door, pay attention not to not cause body injury or damage
3. When working ensure that all doors of the machine are locked. If a door is left
open it may cause body injury or damage to property.
Do not touch the gear etc. It may cause injury.

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Table of Contents

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