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Whirlpool RJE-390P Use And Care Manual

3o-inch free-standing electric range


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Bake Element


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  • Page 1 ~~-IN~HFREE-S~~DINGELECTRICRANGE Model and Serial Number Plate _ ______ ---__ _ _ -. Light Switch Removable Storage Drawer FibergIass Heat Seal - Oven Door Vkrlpool MdelsRllE-390P Control Panel Chrome Trim Bake Element...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Oven Oven Temperature Selector Knob Control Knob Lock Light Oven Signal Light Table of Contents BEFORE USING YOUR RANGE USING THE SURFACE UNIT CONTROLS USING THE OVEN CONTROLS Baking . Broiling Vanable Broil Features Resetting the Oven Temperature’Control.Knob SETTING THE CLOCK TO THE CORRECT TIME OF DAY USING THE MINUTE USING THE AUTOMATIC OVENRACKPOSITIONS...
  • Page 3: Before Using Your Range

    Digital Clock Stop Time Knob Before be sure you use your range as it was meant to be used. Before using it. you are personally responsible for making sure that it.. is properly installed and leveled on a floor that will hold the weight, and In a well-ventilated room.
  • Page 4: Using The Oven Controls

    Using Baking: Racks.” temperature you want. The Oven Signal Light will glow while the oven is heating. When this light goes off. the oven has heated to the temperature you set. on dunng baking to keep the oven at the temperature you set. The Oven Signal Light will glow when the heating elements are on.
  • Page 5 Variable can be slowed down by settmg a lower temperature on the Oven Temper- ature Control Knob Instead of “BROIL.” cause the broil element to turn on and off during the broiling so that the food broils more slog ly. Broil Element heats all the time.
  • Page 6: Using The Automatic Mealtimer' Clock

    Using automatic MEALTIMER:’ The automatic feature of the MEALTIMER’ from home when the oven starts. or when it stops. It will turn on and off automatically. or lust turn off automatically. Let‘s say you have a roast that will take four hours to cook Dinner is supposed to be at 6:O0.
  • Page 7 Oven Temperature Control Knobs to “OFF.” the Temperature and Selector Knobs to “OFF.” Remove food from the oven. You don’t have to do anything with the Stop Time Knob. When vou want the oven to start now, but ston automaticallv: Be sure the clock and the start and stop time hands show the right time of day Put the food in the oven.
  • Page 8: The Oven Vent

    air space between for air circulation. sheets and other utensils from the “Cooking Guide.” Using on the light without opening the door. push the oven light switch. Push it again to turn the light off To replace To replace the oven holder light, remove...
  • Page 9: Using The Self-Cleaning Oven

    Using Self-Cleaning oven The Self-Cleaning Oven uses high heat that actually burns away oven soil. For results and safety, read this section carefully. Make sure best you understand how everything works before you set your oven to “CLEAN.” Things to do before you start: Some areas may not be cleaned during the Self-Cleaning cycle: --The frame around the oven opening -The...
  • Page 10 3. The clock and stop time should all have the right time of day. 5. Lock the oven door by moving the Lock Lever all the way to the right. the Clean Light the Clean Light doesn’t the lever start. When the clean light the oven starts the cleaning About 20 minutes...
  • Page 11 How the Self-Cleaning cycle works: When oven controls are set to “CLEAN,” than it does for cooking. This high heat causes soil on the inside oven walls to burn off, or break up and mostly disappear. While this is happening, special part in the oven vent helps remove smoke.
  • Page 12: Cleaning And Caring For Your Range

    Cleaning spills and spatters when they happen, but you will sometimes want to clean under and behind the control knobs and surface units This section will tell you how to remove those. and what to use when cleaning. Removing 1. Be sure the control knobs are set to “OFF” 2.
  • Page 13: Cleaning Under The Cooktop

    Replacinn Hold surface unit level when replacing. Cleaning the center. Raise the swing-up rod to hold it. (Be sure the tip of the rod is in the notch in the cooktop.) Use warm soapy water and a sponge or cloth. Scouring powders or any other abrasive cleaner may harm porcelain enamel finishes and can scratch chrome.
  • Page 14 WHAT TO USE Outside of Soft cloth. warm soapy water appliance Nylon or plastic scouring pad for stubborn spots Surface units No cleaning required Control knobs Warm. sudsy water and bristle brush and chrome rims Automatic dishwasher or Porcelain enamel reflec- warm.
  • Page 15: If You Need Service Or Help

    United States. help is just a phone call away. .to your nearest Whirlpool franchised TECH-CARE” Whirlpool maintains a nationwide TECH-CARE service companies to fulfill your warranty and provide after- warranty service and maintenance to keep your WHIRLPOOL appliance in peak condition FOLLOW Instructions.) Cooking Guide? on cooking prob- service representative.
  • Page 16 Remember.. expert repairing and servicing of your WHIRLPOOL help you maintain the quality originally built into your WHIRLPOOL appliance. So why not take the time. now. to look up his telephone number and lot it down in the space provided on the cover.

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