Please read these instructions carefully before installing and operating the oven.
Record in the space below the SERIAL NO. found on the nameplate on your oven and retain
this information for future reference.


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for RCA RMW1324

  • Page 1 MICROWAVE OVEN RMW1324 Please read these instructions carefully before installing and operating the oven. Record in the space below the SERIAL NO. found on the nameplate on your oven and retain this information for future reference. SERIAL NO.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Do not attempt to operate this oven with the door-open since open-door operation can result in harmful exposure to microwave energy. It is important not to defeat or tamper with the safety interlocks. Do not place any object between the oven front face and the door or allow soil or cleaner residue to accumulate on sealing surfaces.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the following: WARNING - To reduce the risk of burns, electric shock, fire, injury to persons or exposure to excessive microwave energy: Read all instructions before using the appliance. Read and follow the specific "PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY"...
  • Page 4 kitchen sink, in a wet basement, near a swimming pool, or similar locations. Do not operate this appliance if it has a damaged cord or a plug, if it is not working properly or if it has been damaged or dropped. Do not immerse cord or plug in water.
  • Page 5: Installation Guide

    Make sure that all the packing materials For correct operation, the oven must are removed from the inside of the door. have sufficient airflow. Allow 20cm of space above the oven, 10cm at back Check the oven for any damage, such and 5cm at both sides.
  • Page 6: Utensils Guide

    A short power supply cord is provided to reduce the risks resulting from becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord. Longer cord sets or extension cords are available and may be used if care is exercised in their use. If long cord or extension cord is used:...
  • Page 7: Cooking Techniques

    can damage your oven, so be careful. You should keep distance of 1 inch (2.54cm) between aluminum foil and cavity. Ceramic, porcelain, and stoneware— Use these if they are labeled "Microwave Safe". If they are not labeled, test them to make sure they can be used safely. Plastic —...
  • Page 8: Specifications

    Foods cooked in the microwave build up internal heat and continue to cook for a few minutes after heating stops. Let foods stand to complete cooking, especially foods such as cakes and whole vegetables. Roasts need this time to complete cooking in the center without overcooking the outer areas. All liquids, such as soup or hot chocolate, should be shaken or stirred when cooking is complete.
  • Page 9: Part Names

    1. Door Safety Lock System 2. Oven Window 3. Shaft 4. Roller Ring 5. Door Release Pad 6. Control Panel 7. Wave Guide (Please do not remove the mica plate covering the wave guide.) 8. Glass Tray 9. Grill Heater 10.
  • Page 10: Control Panel

    MENU ACTION SCREEN  Cooking time, power, indicators and present time are displayed. AUTO COOKING food icon  Instant settings to cook popular foods. POWER LEVEL  Use to set power levels. GRILL / COMBO.  Press up to three times to choose a cooking mode. WEIGHT DEFROST ...
  • Page 11: Operation Instructions

     During cooking, if press STOP/CLEAR pad once, the program will be paused, then press START/+30SEC. pad to resume, but if press STOP/CLEAR pad twice, the program will be canceled.  After ending cooking, the system will sound beeps to remind user every two minutes until user press STOP/CLEAR pad or open the door.
  • Page 12: Grill Cooking

    RILL COOKING Grill cooking is particularly useful for thin slices of meat, steaks, chops, kebabs, sausages of piece of chicken. It is also suitable for hot sandwiches and au gratin dishes. The longest cooking time is 99 min, 99 sec. Suppose you want to grill for 12 minutes.
  • Page 13: Weight Defrost

    For example: to cook 0.7lb vegetable. Place vegetable in the oven and close the door. Press VEGETABLE to select weight. Press START/+30SEC. button. Auto Cook Menu Food Note Popcorn For Chicken, Pork and Beef/Mutton, oven will pause during cooking to let you turn over food. Be careful to Potato handle with the very hot food in the oven.
  • Page 14: Sec. Function

    Touch STOP/CLEAR pad once. Input Jet Defrost program. Input Microwave cooking program. Input Grill cooking program. Touch START/+30SEC. pad. Note: Jet Defrost should set as the first stage in a multistage cooking program. Quick Start , Weight Defrost and Auto Cook cann’t be set in the multistage cooking program. The respective lights will on to indicate which stage the oven is operating in.
  • Page 15: Cleaning And Care

    1. Turn off the oven and remove the power plug from the wall socket before cleaning. 2. Keep the inside of the oven clean. When food splatters or spilled liquids adhere to oven walls, wipe with a damp cloth. Mild detergent may be used if the oven gets very dirty. Avoid the use of spray and other harsh cleaners as they may stain, streak or dull the door surface.

Table of Contents