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Afs Series Model Identification; Required Ducting - Atwood AFS Series Training Manual

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Leak Test Solution – A solution that bubbles when applied to gas fittings or connections showing where
a gas leak is present.

AFS Series Model Identification

Applications –
Heat Outlets –
Directional Louver Insert – If you need to direct heat to the front or rear of a camper and you cannot use soft ducting and
Serviceability –
Power Consumption –


All ducts in the table are four-inch ducts except for front discharge as noted. Two-inch ducts can be used in place of one four inch
but require (2) two-inch to replace one four-inch duct. A front discharge system using a five-inch duct requires no other ducts
maximum length 12".
Optional five-inch to four-inch adapter ducting can be purchased to allow four-inch duct in addition (1) four-inch or (2) two-inch
ducts must also be used when using four-inch front option. Front duct must not exceed 12".
Use the following ducting recommendations. Top Duct is used only in addition to these requirements and is not allowed to be used
until these requirements are met. Additional ducting when added will reduce the airflow through the ducting and could cause poor
heating and or cycling on high temperature limit.
This unit is typical installed in a tent camper, truck camper and small travel trailers due to its small
size and lower BTU capacities. It is sometimes used in larger trailers or motor homes for smaller
zone heating in conjunction with one of the larger model furnaces.
This furnace can be setup as a front discharge unit only or a ducted unit without the front discharge
or a combination of both front and 4" duct outlets. Unit can be installed in a horizontal or vertical
position. The front discharge can be connected directly to the furnace if within 2" of wall. If not the
unit can be order with a 1 foot duct of 5" diameter flex hose to allow for position and location of the
front grill. To determine the most efficient ducting configuration, refer to Minimum Ducting
registers, the front grill center section can be rotated 360° to direct the air.
Practically all of the components of this furnace are accessible by removing the exterior door.
Therefore, the furnace does not need to be removed for most repairs. The only components that are
not accessible without removing the furnace is the heat exchanger. If optional small vent is used
furnace must be removed from the inside of the coach for all service needs.
The AFS 12,000 and 16,000 series furnace draws only 3.4 amps and the AFS 20,000 draws 4.8
amps. Our AFSA model furnace has a heating capacity of 12,000 BTU's and only draws 2.4 amps.
This furnace is ideal for dry camping but only come as a front discharge unit.


Table of Contents

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