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Panel Lock; Timer; To Set The Timer - Bosch HBL8550 Use And Care Manual

Bosch built-in oven use & care manual
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Panel Lock


English 17
The panel lock is a child safety mechanism to prevent children from accidentally
turning on the oven or changing an oven setting.
Turning the panel lock on and off:
To turn the panel lock on, press and hold the Panel Lock key for four seconds. The
Panel Lock symbol will appear in the display.
To turn the panel lock off, press and hold the Panel Lock key for four seconds. The
message in the display will disappear.
When panel lock is activated, all keys are locked except for the following:
Cook Time: Turns off beep for the end of cooking time.
Timer: Turns off beep for the end of the timer.
On/Off: Turns off oven.

To set the timer:

1. Press Timer.
2. Double oven models have two timers that can be set: use the arrows to select
the preferred timer.
The timer is displayed between the two lines:
3. Use "+" and "-" or the numeric touchpads to set the timer.
4. Press Timer.
The timer starts.
A beep sounds when the timer ends. Press any touchpad to clear the beep sound
and timer.
To change a running timer, press Timer, set a new time, and confirm by pressing
Timer again.
To cancel a timer, set it to zero.
Press Timer twice to exit the timer menu.
Note: •
The maximum time the timer can be set is 24 hours.
The timer does not change when other settings are changed.
For double oven models, if both timers are running, only the timer that ends first
is displayed. Press Timer to display both timers.
10:30 am
- +
Timer1 __:__:__
Timer2 __:__:__
Press Timer to quit

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