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Operating Tips; Cleaning And Care - Fujitsu Airstage AS A012GCEH Operating Manual

Eev internal/external, indoor unit wall mounted type
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● Energy Saving function may not work when the room temperature is
very different from the temperature defi ned in temperature setting,
such as when immediately after starting the operation.
● Since the Human sensor detects infrared light given out by people,
there may be cases where this detection is incorrect.
Situations in which the sensor will detect no people in the room,
even when there is someone there
● When the temperature is high and the difference with between people's
body temperature is small. (Such as during the summer when the
temperature is 30°C or higher.)
● When there is someone in the room, but they do not move for a long
period of time.
● When someone is hidden behind a sofa, other furniture, glass, or in
similar situations.
● When someone is wearing extremely thick clothing and has their back
facing the sensor.
Situations in which the sensor will incorrectly detect people in the
room, even when there is no one there
● When there is a dog or a cat moving around in the room.
● When the wind is making curtains or plants move.
● When there are heating units, humidifi ers, or electric appliances such
as oscillating electric fans operating.


Operation and Performance
About priority state and standby state
● Multiple indoor units can be connected within the same system.
Depending on the system, choice of operating mode are limited.
Cooling priority state:
When the other indoor units within the same system operate in cooling
or dry mode, heating can not be selected at the same time.
Heating priority state:
When the other indoor units within the same system operate in heating
mode, cooling and dry mode can not be selected at the same time.
Standby state:
The standby state activates when 2 or more indoor units start up at the
same time in different mode. Any indoor unit other than priority mode
will wait in standby state until priority mode changes (operation starts
as soon as priority is switched).
At this time, the operation indicator lamp (green) lights up and the timer
indicator lamp (red) fl ashes.
Low ambient cooling
● When the outdoor temperature drops, the outdoor unit's fans may
switch to Low Speed, or one of the fans may stop intermittently.
Heating performance
● Heating mode operates on the heat-pump principle, absorbing heat
from outdoor air and transferring that heat indoors. As a result, the
operating performance is reduced as outdoor air temperature drops.
If you feel that insuffi cient heating performance is being produced, we
recommend you use this air conditioner in conjunction with another
type of heating appliance.
● Heating mode heat your entire room by recirculating air throughout the
room, with the result that some time may be required after fi rst starting
the air conditioner until the room is heated.
Microcomputer-controlled automatic defrosting
● When using the Heating mode under conditions of low outdoor air
temperature high humidity, frost may form on the outdoor unit, result-
ing in reduced operating performance. In order to prevent this kind of
reduced performance, this unit is equipped with a Microcomputer-con-
trolled automatic defrosting function. If frost forms, the air conditioner
will temporarily stop, and the defrosting circuit will operate briefl y (for
about 4 to 15 minutes).
During Automatic Defrosting operation, the OPERATION indicator
lamp (green) will fl ash.
Oil recovery operation
● Periodically, the oil recovery operation is performed in order to return
compressor oil to the outdoor unit.
During oil recovery operation, the OPERATION indicator lamp (green)
will fl ash (for about 10 minutes).
Temperature and humidity range
● The temperature and humidity required for operating this product is as
shown in the following table.
Cooling/Dry Mode
Please refer to the specifi cation of outdoor units.
18 to 32 °C DB
Indoor humidity
About 80% or less
● If the air conditioner is operated under higher temperature conditions
than those listed, the built-in protection circuit may operate to prevent
internal circuit damage. Also, during Cooling and Dry modes, if the unit
is used under conditions of lower temperature than those listed above,
the heat-exchanger may freeze, leading to water leakage and other
● If the unit is used for long periods under high-humidity conditions,
condensation may form on the surface of the indoor unit, and drip onto
the fl oor or other objects underneath.
● Do not use this unit for any purposes other than the Cooling, Heating,
Dehumidifying, and air-circulation of rooms in ordinary dwellings.


● Before cleaning the indoor unit, be sure to turn it off and all the power
supply has been disconnected.
● Before starting operation, make sure that the intake grille has been
shut completely. Incomplete closing of the intake grille might have an
effect on the proper working or performance of the air conditioner.
● Do not touch the aluminum fi ns of heat exchanger built-in the indoor
unit to avoid personal injury when you maintain the unit.
● Do not expose the indoor unit to liquid insecticides or hair sprays.
● Do not stand on slippery, uneven or unstable surfaces when you main-
tain the unit.
Cleaning the intake grille and the air fi lter
Daily care
When cleaning the indoor unit body, mind the following:
● Do not use water hotter than 40 °C.
● Do not use scouring cleanser, volatile solvents such as benzene or
● Wipe the unit gently by using a soft cloth.
Heating Mode
10 to 30 °C DB



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