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Troubleshooting Guide - RCA RT2412-C Instruction Manual

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Bad Picture (snow,
multiple images
No sound.
Black and White
No picture or sound.
Coloredpatches of
Panel function key does
not respond correctly.
The display monitor's
panel goes hot.
Unusual dots
Stripes on screen
The top of the monitor
gets hot
Unable to select a
certain channel.
Disorder display
at power on.


Check the location of the antenna and adjust it if necessary.
Make sure the antenna cable is firmly connected.
Make sure all input cables are firmly connected.
Increase the volume.
Check whether the mute function has been activated on the
Remote Control.
Check the PICTURE setting within the PICTURE menu.
Check to make sure the program you are watching is broadcast
in Color and not Black & White.
Make sure the unit is plugged in and turned on.
Make sure that the ATV mode is selected.
Try a new channel to check for possible station trouble.
Make sure the antenna is connected properly.
Increase the volume.
Make sure the antenna or audio/video source device is
working properly.
Make sure all cables are firmly connected.
Check for local interference.
Make sure there are no unshielded electrical devices nearby
that are causing interference.
Turn the TV off for 30 minutes, then try it again.
Under the influence of electrostatic phenomenon, the product
may malfunction and require usertopowerreset.
Unplug and re-plug the AC power cord.
LED TV takes inside lighten phosphor. It may increase the
temperature of the screen in some occasions. It's not a defect.
Black dots and Bright points may appear on the LED screen.
This is a structural property of the LED panel and is not a defect.
Adjust the impulse phase may decrease stripes. RGB in
It may occur during long-time working. It's not a defect.
The channel may be skipped. Choose this channel by
directly selecting the buttons from the remote control.
This may be caused because of a very short interval
between POWER OFF and ON.
Unplug the power and restart.


Table of Contents

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