Exhibits; La - Precautions For Use - Sanyo Carrier 16LJ Series Installation Instructions Manual

Single-effect hot water-fired absorption chillers
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4 - eXHIBIts

4.1 - exhibit LA
4.1.1 - Precautions for use
Installation and operation
Before installing and operating this chiller, read all applicable
WARNING: Do not store or use gasoline, thinner or other
flammable vapours, liquids and materials in the vicinity of the
Machine room
Keep the machine room temperature between 5°C and
40°C to protect against solution crystallisation during
chiller shut-down.
Keep the humidity in the machine room below 90%.
Leave the service and maintenance clearances shown in
the dimensional drawing.
Ensure that air cannot leak into the chiller (refer to the relevant
The chiller has a palladium cell as an auto-purge system; do
not turn off the main power supply to the chiller during chiller
Pumps and air handling units
Operate the chilled-water pump(s) and air handling unit(s)
during the dilution cycle of the chiller.
During the operation of the chilled water pump(s), never
manually stop the cooling water pump(s).
Winter season
In winter, ensure that the chilled and cooling water in the pipes
does not freeze during chiller shut-down. If the cooling water
pump(s) operate to provide frost protection of the cooling
water, operate the chilled-water pump(s) simultaneously.
Service and maintenance
The chiller should be checked periodically. Please contact the
service agent.
4.1.2 - Precautions for installation
Always make sure that the installation complies with local
The chiller is designed for indoor installation.
Install the chiller on a floor that is suitable to carry the
Leave the service and maintenance clearances shown in
the dimensional drawing.
Do not install the unit in a dusty environment.
If necessary, install anti-vibration mountings.
Install the control panel so that it is not exposed to direct
sunshine to ensure that the display is legible.
Do not install the unit near an exhaust gas outlet or
ventilation port.
Use a shackle, when lifting the chiller with lifting cables.
Insert the shackle into the hole on the lower shell.
Ensure that the unit does not fall sideways.
Keep sufficient space for a smooth installation.
Avoid shocks and sudden movements.
For units shipped as separate parts, assembly and welding
must be done by a qualified technician. Please refer to the
relevant manuals.
The wiring connection must be done by a qualified
Use steel conduits for the wiring between the field power
supply and the chiller control panel.
Connect the operation signal wires from the chiller to the
chilled water pump, cooling water pump and hot water
pump. Each pump is automatically operated by the chiller
Connect the interlock wire of each pump to the chiller.
If a remote signal is used, do not install this in parallel
with the power line.
Always connect an earth wire, but do not connect it to gas
pipes or water pipes, etc.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents