Normal Sounds; Dehumidifier Care; Cleaning The Air Filter (On Some Models) - Whirlpool AD35DSS0 Use And Care Manual

Whirlpool dehumidifier use and care guide
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2. Remove bucket.
3. Attach a garden hose to drain hose connector on the inside of
the dehumidifier. Hand tighten.
A. Garden hose
B. Drain hose connector
4. Place the other end of garden hose into a floor drain. Check
to see that the hose lies flat and is in the drain.
When your dehumidifier is operating normally, you may hear
sounds such as:
Compressor sounds, which may be loud. This is normal.
Your new dehumidifier is designed to give you many years of dependable service. This section tells you how to clean and care for your
dehumidifier. Call your local authorized dealer for an annual cleaning of the dehumidifier.
The air filter is removable for easy cleaning. A clean filter helps
remove dust, lint, and other particles from the air and is important
for best operating efficiency. Check the filter every 2 weeks to
see whether it needs cleaning.
1. Turn off dehumidifier.
2. Remove bucket.
3. Pull filter down from below front louvers.
4. Pull bottom edge of air filter toward you to clear the bottom of
the dehumidifier.

Normal Sounds


Cleaning the Air Filter (on some models)

5. Reinstall bucket.
To use the bucket without the garden hose, remove the
garden hose. Then reinstall bucket.
The bucket must be installed and properly aligned for the
dehumidifier to operate with or without a garden hose
Clicking sounds when the dehumidifier or compressor turns
off and on, and when the Automatic Shutoff Switch is
Air movement from the fan.
5. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean air filter. If air filter is very dirty,
wash it in warm water with a mild detergent. Do not wash air
filter in the dishwasher or use any chemical cleaners. Air dry
filter completely before replacing to ensure maximum
6. Slide air filter up into the dehumidifier.
7. Reinstall bucket.
8. Turn on the dehumidifier.

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