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Whirlpool SM958PES Use & Care Manual

Upper microwave oven eye-level/built-in models
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/I = II
NOTE: Use and care instructions
for the lower oven are provided
in a separate
Clolhes Dryers
Ice Makers
Ovens and Surlace Unils. Ranges, Microwave
Ovens. Trash Compacl



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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool SM958PES

  • Page 1 Clolhes Dryers Freezen, Relrigeralor-Freezer Ice Makers UPPER MICROWAVE OVEN Eye-Level Models RM978BXV SM988PES SM958PES Built-In Model RM278BXV NOTE: Use and care instructions for the lower oven are provided in a separate manual. Dishwashers. Builbln Ovens and Surlace Unils. Ranges, Microwave...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Rack ... Rack Kit ... Oven ... the Microwave Oven the Light Bulb ... Oven Works Precautions. or Assistance. Oven Warranty. 01990 Whirlpool Corporation Registration Card included send the model and oven, with your name and address Department Center 49022 oven.
  • Page 3: Partsandfeatures

    Keep all product your Sal&s slip together handy place. OVEN DOOR LATCH a Whirlpool appliance. Please complete Registration Card provided with this product. ready if you need...
  • Page 4: Before You Use Your Microwave Oven

    Before you use your microwave oven For important information, carefully read the Installation with your microwave oven, this Use & Care Guide, the Range or Lower Oven Use 81 Care Guide and the Cooking Guide. Store these together Personal injury Hazard This appliance must be connected wiring...
  • Page 5: Microwaveenergy

    Elec- ~($~~i~~ personnel. Call Whirlpool”” service for examination, Fire outdoors. instructions on on next page...
  • Page 6: Using Your Microwave Oven

    12. To reduce the risk of fire in the oven cavity: a. Do not overcook food. Care- fully attend appliance plastic, or other corn busti ble materials are placed inside the oven to facilitate per can char or burnand plastics can melt if used when heating foods.
  • Page 7 Di ital Display/Clock In 8 icator When you are not using the microwave oven, this is an accurate When you are using the microwave displays and Indicator While the oven is running, an Indicator (or lights] will be on to show what the oven is doing.
  • Page 8: Audiblesignals

    Number Pads Once you’ve touched a Command Pad to tell the oven what you want to do, you’ll touch Number Pads to tell it... - a time, -a Cook Power, - a food temperature, food setting. Audible Signals Audible signals are available to guide (A programming tone will sound each time you touch a pad.
  • Page 9: Setting The Clock

    Setting the Clock When the oven is first plugged in, a tone sounds and the display If the electric power ever goes off, the Display power comes back on. You can cook or use the Minute Timer without setting the Clock, but the Display will be blank after cooking.
  • Page 10: Using The Minute Timer

    I I’ Using the Minute Timer The Minute Timer does not start or stop cooking. the oven is operating. DO THIS... 1. Touch MINUTE TIMER. 2. Touch Number Pads for minutes and seconds. Touch START. Changing Minute Timer -Touch MINUTE TIMER. -Touch numbers -Touch...
  • Page 11: Cooking In Your Microwave Oven

    Opening the oven door does not stop the Minute Timer countdown: it does stop any cooking or defrosting. continue cooking or defrosting. Cooking in Your Microwave Oven Be sure to read the MICRO MENUS@ Cookbook oven. It contains information about: What microwave energy How food is cooked...
  • Page 12: Cooking At Lower Cook Powers

    Touch START. Changing the Cooking Time Cooking time can be changed any time before or after touching 1. Touch COOK 1. 2. Touch Number Pads for the new time. 3. Touch START. Cook 1 cycle will continue cooking for the new time. Cooking at Lower Cook Powers For best results, some recipes call for lower Cook Powers.
  • Page 13 I I’ DO THIS... Put food in the oven and close the door. Touch COOK 1. Touch COOK POWER. 6. Touch START. THIS HAPPENS... The COOK 1 Indicator will come on and the Display will show four 0’s. The Display will show the numbers you touched...
  • Page 14: Cooking In More Than One Cook Cycle

    Changing the Cook Power The Cook Power can be changed Touch COOK POWER. Touch a Number Touch START. The cycle OR... Touch COOK POWER twice to HIGH. Touch START. Cooking in More Than One Cook Cycle For best results, some recipes time, and another to change from one to another...
  • Page 15 5. Touch a Number Pad for the Cook Power you want in the flrsf cycle. 7. Touch Number Pads for the cook- ing time you want in fhe second cycle. Touch COOK POWER. (If you want fhe HIGH Cook Power, skip to Step 10).
  • Page 16 10. Touch START. When you touch START, the COOK 1 Indicator Light will stay on while the oven is cooking in the first cycle. The COOK POWER Indica- tor Light will be on if you are using a Cook Power other than HIGH.
  • Page 17: Using Auto Set

    Hints for Cooking With More Than One Cycle. You can program the cooking cycles microwave oven is started, it will automatically the order of the examples described program COOK 1, KEEP WARM and QUICK DEFROST, the microwave will automatically follow this sequence: TIME) --) COOK I+ KEEP WARM.
  • Page 18 DO THIS... Put food in the oven and close the door. 2. Touch TIME (OptIon: If you want to use the preset cooking time and Cook Power, skip to Step 6. Touch START. THIS HAPPENS... The AUTO SET Indicator Light will come on and the Display will show 2 min- utes, 30 seconds...
  • Page 19: Auto Set Temp

    NOTE: You can set COOK 1, COOK 1 and 2 and/or Set TIME. (See pages 14-17 for instructions.) Changing the Pre-programmed You can change the pre-programmed Auto Set TIME to the time and power you most often use. To change Set TIME setting, follow these steps: 1.
  • Page 20 i I’ DO THIS... Put food in the oven, plug in the temperature Touch TEMP. (Option: If you want to use the preset temperature Cook Power, skip to Step 6.) 3. Touch a Number Pad for the new temperature want from 110°F to 190°F.
  • Page 21 NOTE: You can set Auto Set TEMP to follow pages 14-17 for instructions, Auto Set TEMP can be programmed Temperature Probe out, but the oven will pause between and TEMf?“PROB” will show on the Display to remind you to plug in the probe. Changing the Pre-Programmed You can change...
  • Page 22: Defrosting

    Defrosting Use QUICK DEFROST to thaw frozen food before cooking. times, see the guide DO THIS... Put frozen food in the oven and close the door. . q . . . Touch QUICK DEFROST. Touch START. For suggested behind the oven door or in your MICRO MENUSO cookbook. THIS HAPPENS...
  • Page 23: Cooking Automatically After Defrosting

    I I’ About the Quick Defrost Cycle The microwave oven automatically cycle into three equal First part Second part. Third part. This automatic step-down completely. Changing or Adding You can change Touch QUICK DEFROST. Touch Number Touch START. Any new time setting continue the defrosting The best time to change...
  • Page 24 6. Touch COOK POWER. (Option: Skip to steb 8 if you want to cook at HIGH power.] 8. Touch START. The COOK 1 Indicator Light will come on and the Dis- play will show four 0’s. The Display will show the numbers you touched the order...
  • Page 25 Standing Time After Defrosting For best results, allow the food to stand for a while after defrosting. equalize the temperature of the food to provide When COOK 1 or Auto Set TIME follows QUICK DEFROST, the oven automatically provides a standing time equal to the time touched second...
  • Page 26: Cooking With The Temperature Probe

    Cooking with the Temperature Probe The Temperature Probe helps take guesswork larger casseroles. The probe is designed the temperature you chose. See your MICRO MENUS@ Cookbook helpful information in cooking different types of food. DO THIS... 2. Place food in the Insert at least oven and plug the the Temperature...
  • Page 27 8. Touch START. NOTE: “Err” will be displayed after START is touched, perature has been set (under 90°F or over 200°F). NOTE: Some foods are started using a timed by using the temperature (PROBE TEMP) cycle. follow COOK 1 or COOK 2 to avoid the need to reset the oven halfway through the cycle.
  • Page 28 Changing the Temperature Setting When using the Temperature Probe, PROBE TEMP settings can be changed before or during oven operation: -Touch PROBE TEMP -Touch Number Pads for the new temperature. -Touch START. The oven will continue new temperature is lower than the temperature shut off.
  • Page 29: Using Start Time

    Casseroles cooked using the Tem- perature Probe should be made from precooked foods. Do not use raw meats, raw vegetables cream sauces in casseroles. Dry casseroles do not work well. . Thaw frozen casseroles and meats in the microwave oven before inserting the probe.
  • Page 30 . . ,a ..,: The COOK POWER Indica- tor Light will come on and the Display will show “P-HI:’ This shows the oven is pre- programmed to cook at full (HIGH) power. The Display will show what you touched. This example shows you touched Number Pad 7 for 70% of...
  • Page 31 NOTE: If the oven light and fan come Time feature has not been set correctly. cooking sequence and START TIME, then touch Additional Information Additional cycles can be set when using START TIME to start cooking later time. Follow instructions under the proper Cooking with the Temperature...
  • Page 32: Using Keep Warm

    Using KEEP WARM Hot, cooked food can be safely kept warm in your microwave 99 minutes, 99 seconds (about 1 hour, 40 minutes). KEEP WARM can be used by itself, or it can automatically follow a Cook cycle DO THIS... THIS HAPPENS...
  • Page 33: Other Operating Hints

    Other Operating Hints There are a number of things you can do with your microwave will be reminders. Others will be mentioned 1. To double check settings while the oven is running: Touch the Command Pad for the setting you want to check. The instruction programmed for that pad will show on the Display Display...
  • Page 34: Optional Bi-Level Cooking Rack Kit

    4. Pull down the front portion cover. (It is creased width to form a hinge.) .‘:I4 RM9738XV, SM958PES & RM2788XV) Rack is available as an accessory as a meal, Ask your dealer 832985) Bi-Level Cooking Rack Kit.
  • Page 35: How Your Microwave Oven Works

    How your microwave oven works Microwave ovens are safe. Microwave make its own heat, and ils this heat that cooks the food. Mode Mixer Oven Cavity Microwaves are like TV A magnetron waves or light waves. microwave oven pro- You can’t see them, but duces microwaves.
  • Page 36: Operating Safety Precautions

    Operating safety precautions NEVER COOK OR Liquids heated REHEAT A WHOLE containers EGG. Steam build-up cylindrical-shaped whole eggs may cause tainers) may become them to burst and burn overheated. you, and possibly may splash out with a damage the oven. Slice loud noise during or hard boiled eggs before...
  • Page 37 DO NOT OVERCOOK DO NOT use the oven POTATOES. for storage. Do not result. At the end of the leave paper products, recommended books or cooking uten- time they should be sils in the oven when slightly firm. not in use. Fire may result if someone acci- Wrap in foil and set...
  • Page 38: If You Need Service Or Assistance

    If you need service or assistance, we suggest you follow these steps: Before calling for assistance... Performance problems often result from little things you can find and fix yourself without tools of any kind. If nothing operates: Is the power supply cord plugged into a live circuit with the proper voltage?
  • Page 39 If you need assistance?.. Call Whirlpool COOL-LINE@ service assistance telephone number. Dial free from anywhere in the U.S.: l-800-253-1301 and talk with one of our trained consultants. The consultant can in- struct you in how to obtain satisfac- tory operation...
  • Page 40: Microwave Oven Warranty

    WHIRLPOOL MICROWAW RANGE PRODUCT W-TY 1 LENGTH OF WARRANTY 1 WHIRLPOOL FSP@ replacement FULL ONE-YEAR WARRANTY correct defects From Date of Purchase Service WhirlpoolSM LIMITED FOUR-YEAR FSP” replacement WARRANTY microwave Second Through Fifth Year workmanship. From Date of Purchase WHIRLPOOL WILL NOT PAY FOR A.

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