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Whirlpool RM978BXS Use & Care Manual

Upper microwave oven eye-level and built-in models
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  • Page 1 Microwave Ovens. Trash Compactors, Room Air Condltloners, UPPER MICROWAVE OVEN Eye-Level Models RM978BXS RM973BXS SM988PES SM958PES Built-In Model RM278BXS Freezers. RefrlgeralOr-1 Dehumldlfiers, Automallc Washers, Clothes byers.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Operating Safety Precautions If You Need Service or Assistance Microwave Oven Warranty. 01987 Whirlpool Corporation Fill out and return the Wlcrowave Reglstratton Card” Included your mlcrowave oven. If the card is missing, please send the model and serial number of your Microwave Range, with your name and address to...
  • Page 3: Parts And Features

    I I’ Parts and features UPPER MICROWAVE OVEN AUTO SENSOR &IDE (not shown) Copy your Model and Serial Numbers here... If you need service or call with a question, have this information ready: 1. Complete the microwave oven door on the oven frame). 2.
  • Page 4: Before You Use Your Microwave Oven

    Before you use your microwave oven Read and carefully follow the “INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS” packed with your microwave Read this “Use 11. Care Guide” and your “Cooking Guide” carefully for important use and safety information. Store these with Range or Lower Oven literature for future use.
  • Page 5: Precautions To Avoid Possible Exposure To Excessive Microwave Energy

    Electric shock, fire or other haz- ards may result. This appliance must be serviced properly service with Whirlpool provided “ln- CARE@ Service Company examination, adjustment. such as 9. Do not cover or block any opening because fire may result.
  • Page 6: Using Your Microwave Oven

    12. To reduce the risk of fire in the oven cavity: a. Do not overcook Carefully attend appliance paper, plastic, or other com- bustible materials are placed inside the oven to facilitate cooking. Paper can char or burn, and some plastics can melt if used when heating foods.
  • Page 7 Di ital display/clock in icator lights When you are not using the microwave oven, this is an accurate digital clock. When you are using the microwave oven, it displays time settings, indicator lights and shows what number pads you touched. While the oven is running, an indicator light (or lights) will be on to show what the oven is doing.
  • Page 8: Programming Tone

    Command pads Touch Command Pads to tell the microwave oven what to do and in what order. A few examples: -CLOCK SET tells the oven you are going to set the clock. -START tells the oven to start. Each Command Pad (except START, CANCEL and CLOCK SET] lights an Indicator Light on the digital display.
  • Page 9: Setting The Clock

    Setting the clock When the oven is first plugged in, a tone sounds and the display shows 88:88. If the electric power ever goes off, the display will again show all 8’s when the power comes back on. You can cook or use the Minute Timer without setting the clock, but the display will be blank after cooking.
  • Page 10: Using The Minute Timer

    Using the minute timer The Minute Timer does not start or stop cooking. It can be used alone or while the oven is operating. It works like a kitchen timer. THIS HAPPENS... DO THIS... 1. Touch MINUTE TIMER. 2. Touch Number Pads for minutes and seconds.
  • Page 11: Cooking In Your Microwave Oven

    Opening the oven door does not stop the Minute Timer countdown; it does stop any cooking or defrosting. Close the door and touch START to continue cooking or defrosting. Cooking in your microwave oven Be sure to read the MICRO MENUS@ Cookbook oven.
  • Page 12 THIS HAPPENS... DO THIS... Put food in the oven and close the door. . . El Touch COOK/REHEAT. 3. Touch a Number Pad (l-9) for the cooklng category you want. (See guide on inner door panel and separate AUTO SENSOR chart.) 4.
  • Page 13 COOK FROZEN Use COOK FROZEN to automaticallv cook frozen food items. There are five cooking categories in COOK FROZEN. DO THIS... THIS HAPPENS... Put frozen food in the oven and close the door. Ha .:’ Touch COOK FROZEN. 3. Touch a Number Pad (l-5) for the frozen food cook- ing category...
  • Page 14 5. Touch START. SLOW COOK/SIMMER Use SLOW COOK/SIMMER as you would a slow cooker to enhance flavor and tenderize less expensive cuts of meat. If you find that food needs a longer cooking time than the setting allows, you may extend the time by touching the MORE (Number 9) Pad after you have touched SLOW COOK/SIMMER (be- fore you touch START).
  • Page 15 I I’ m . . Touch SLOW COOKISIMMER. 3. Touch MORE (9) if you wish to extend the cooking time. Touch START. The AUTO SENSOR Indica- tor Light will come on and the Display will show “SL-C:’ The Display will not change.
  • Page 16: Cooking At High Power

    NOTE: If food is removed from oven during KEEP WARM, touch KEEP WARM then CANCEL to cancel remainder of the time. AUTO SENSOR operating hints All AUTO SENSOR cooking categories have preset Cook Powers. The COOK POWER Indicator Light does not come on during AUTO SENSOR Cycles.
  • Page 17: Cooking At Lower Cook Powers

    3. Touch Number Pads for the cook- ing time you want. Touch START. count Changing the cooking time Cooking time can be changed any time before touching START or the cycle: 1. Touch COOK 1. 2. Touch numbers for the new time. 3.
  • Page 18 The following chart gives the percentage stands for, and Cook Power name usually used. automatic 100% of full power HIGH 9 = 90% of full power 8 = 80% of full power 7 = 70% of full power MED-HIGH 6 = 60% of full power 5 = 50% of full power MED THIS HAPPENS...
  • Page 19: Cooking In More Than One Cycle

    I II Changing cook power The Cook Power can be changed the cycle. . Touch COOK POWER. Touch a number for the new Cook Power. Touch START. The cycle will cook at the new Cook Power for the original time. OR...
  • Page 20 I I’ 3. Touch Number Pads for the cook- ing time you want in the first cycle. Touch COOK POWER. flf you want the high &ok step 6.) 5. Touch a Number Pad for the Cook Power you want in the first cycle.
  • Page 21 9. Touch a Number Pad for the Cook Power you want in the second cycle. 10. Touch START. count B EEPBEEP count The Display will show what you touched. This example shows you touched Number Pad 4 for 40% of full power.
  • Page 22: Defrosting

    Hlnfs for cooklng wllh more than one cycle. You can program the cooking cycles in any order. However, when the microwave oven Is started, It will automatlcally order - COOK 1 - COOK 2 - PROBE TEMP - KEEP WARM (or QUICK DEFROST - STANWNG TIME -COOK 1 - PAUSE - PROBE TEMP- KEEP WARM).
  • Page 23 Touch QUICK DEFROST. 3. Touch Number Pads for the defrosting time you want. Touch START. Standing time affer defrosting For best results, allow the food to stand for a while after defrosting. This helps equalize the temperature of the food to provide more even defrosting. When COOK 1 follows QUICK DEFROST, the oven automatically standing time equal to the time touched in for the QUICK DEFROST.
  • Page 24: Cooking Automatically After Defrosting

    About the “QUICK DEFROST” Cycle The microwave oven automatically Cycle into three equal parts: First part Second part, Third part. This automatic step-down in Cook Power helps defrost food quickly and completely. Changing or adding defrost time You can change the defrosting time any time before or after touching START. .
  • Page 25 3. Touch Number Pads for the defrosting time you want. Touch COOK 1. 5. Touch Number Pads for the Cook- lng tlme you want. . . m . . 6. Touch COOK POWER. (Optlons: Skip to 8 If you want to cook at high power.) 7.
  • Page 26: Cooking With The Temperature Probe

    Cooking with the TEMPERATURE The Temperature Probe helps take guesswork out of cooking roasts and larger casseroles. The probe is designed to turn off the oven when it senses the temperature you choose between 90°F and 200°F See your MICRO MENUS@ Cookbook for helpful information in cooking differenttypes When the defrost time ends, the microwave oven...
  • Page 27 DO THIS... Insert at least Y3 2. Place food in the of the temperature oven and plug the probe into the probe into the socket on the oven food. wall. DO THIS... THIS HAPPENS... Touch PROBE TEMP. 5. Touch Number Pads for the desired final tem- perature between...
  • Page 28 8. Touch START. NOTE: ERR will be displayed after START is touched temperature has been set (less than 90°F or more than 200°F). Hints for using the temperature DO... use hot pads when removing probe from food or food from oven. stir foods during cooking when recommended.
  • Page 29 NOTE: Some foods are started using a timed [COOK) cycle and finished by using the temperature [PROBE TEMPT cycle. You can set PROBE TEMP to follow COOK i or COOK 2 to avoid the need to reset the oven halfway through the cycle.
  • Page 30 I 1’ Using PAUSE Your microwave oven can be set to pause halfway through QUICK DEFROST, after the automatic part of AUTO SENSOR between COOK 1 and COOK 2, or between COOK 1 or COOK 2 and PROBE TEMP to allow you to stir or turn the food or to add ingredients and to plug in the probe.
  • Page 31 Turn over or rearrange food being defrosted. Close door. NOTE: Oven will remain off until you touch START. Touch START. Adding PAUSE to the cycle in operation Pause can be added to any cycle in operation as long as there is another cycle programmed to follow.
  • Page 32: Using Start Time

    1. Put food in the oven and close the door. 2. Touch COOK/REHEAT or COOK FROZEN. 3. Touch a Number Pad for the cooking category you want. 4. Touch PAUSE. 5. Touch START. When the first part of the AUTO SENSOR cycle is done, you will hear 2 beeps and the oven will shut off.
  • Page 33 Touch a Number Pad for the Cook Power you want. Touch START TIME. Touch Number Pads for the time of day you want cooking to start. Touch START. count OWI-I The Display will show what you touched. This example shows you touched Number Pad 7 for 70% of full power.
  • Page 34 B~EPB~Ep~tEP BEEP ~~~~~~;l~E~d!o~~~~~ain NOTE: if the oven light and fan come on when you touch START, the Start Time feature has not been set correctly. Open and close the door, reprogram COOK 1, COOK POWER (if required] and START TIME, then touch START.
  • Page 35: Using Keep Warm

    Using KEEP WARM Hot, cooked foods can be safely kept warm in your microwave oven for up to 99 minutes, 99 seconds (about 1 hour, 40 minutes). KEEP WARM can be used by itself, or it can automatically follow a cooking cycle or PROBE TEMP cycle. DO THIS...
  • Page 36: Otheroperating Hints

    Other operating hints 1. To double check settings while the oven is running: Touch the Command Pad for the setting you want to check. The instruction programmed for that pad will show on the display for 5 seconds. Then the display returns to showing what the oven is doing.
  • Page 37: Caring For Your Microwave Oven

    Remove and replace the 25- watt candelabra-base (Part No. 313969). Obtain bulb from your authorized Whirlpool dealer. Close the cover and replace the screws. Plug in, or turn on the main power supply. For stubborn soil, boil...
  • Page 38: How Your Microwave Oven Works

    How your microwave oven works Microwave ovens are safe. Microwave make its own heat, and it’s this heat that cooks the food. Mode Mixer Oven Cavity Microwaves are like TV A magnetron in the waves or light waves. microwave oven pro- You can’t see them, but duces microwaves.
  • Page 39: Operating Safety Precautions

    Operating safety precautions NEVER COOK OR Liquids heated in certain REHEAT A WHOLE containers (especially EGG. Steam build-up in cylindrical-shaped whole eggs may cause tainers) may become overheated. The liquid them to burst and burn may splash out with a you, and possibly damage the oven.
  • Page 40 CAUTION: DO NOT use the oven until you have read and understand ALL precautions to prevent damage to the oven. DO NOT OVERCOOK DO NOT use the oven for storage. Do not POTATOES. Fire could leave paper products, result. At the end of the recommended books or cooking uten- time they should be...
  • Page 41: If You Need Service Or Assistance

    Is the probe plugged tightly into its sot ket? Is Cook Power set correctly? Is the Probe Temperature set correctly? If you need assistance?.. Call Whirlpool COOL-LINE@ serv- ice assistance telephone number. Dial free from anywhere In the U.S.: l-800-25313Ol and talk with one of our trained Con- sultants.
  • Page 42 FSP is a registered trademark of Whirlpool Corporation for quality parts. Look for this symbol of qualify whenever you need a replacement part for your Whirlpool appliance. FSP replacement parts will fit right and work right, because they are made to the same exacting specifi- cations used to build every new Whirlpool appliance.
  • Page 43 Notes...
  • Page 44 Outside the United States, a different your franchised Whirlpool COntaCt Part No. 312889 Rev A 01987 Whirlpool Corporation Automahc Washers. Clothes Oryers. Freezers, Refrlgetalor-freezers, OVEN/ WILL PAY FOR parts and repair labor...

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