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Whirlpool air conditioners use and care ac0052, acq062
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1. Unplug the power cord.
2. Remove the front panel. (See "Cleaning the
front panel" on page 7.)
3. Remove the unit from the window.
4. Remove the side curtains. Slide curtains out
to their fullest width. From the back side,
remove the Phillips-head
screws which
attach the curtains to the cabinet. (See A in
5. Remove the slotted, hex-head screws
holding the top channel. (See B in illustra-
6. Remove slotted, hex-head screws on sides
of cabinet. (See C in illustration.)
7. Holding the cabinet on both sides, carefully
lift cabinet off base.
8. Wrap the motor, electrical control box and
compressor terminal box in plastic film to
make sure no water or other liquids get
inside. Water or other liquids could damage
the insulation and cause serious mechanical
9. Clean and hose out the base, coils and
pans. Clean air conditioner at
least once a year or more often if the
condenser coils and pans collect dirt, sand,
leaves, insects or algae. Also, clean the air
if you detect an odor coming
from it.
10. Remove plastic film from the motor and
electrical parts.
11. Replace unit in cabinet. Reattach the top
channel and side curtains. Tighten all
12. Reinstall air conditioner
in the window.
13. Replace the front panel.
14. Plug in the power cord.
NOTE: It is a good idea to wait 24 hours before
starting the air conditioner
again. Doing so allows
time for all areas to dry thoroughly.
The water from rainfall or from normal operation
does not harm the motor or electrical parts.

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