Wacom BAMBOO CTL-460 User Manual

Wacom touch screen monitor user manual.
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User's manual for
Windows & Macintosh
Bamboo Touch (CTT-460)
Bamboo Pen (CTL-460)
Bamboo & Bamboo Fun (CTH-460, CTH-461, CTH-661)
Setting up
Navigate with touch
Customize touch
Use a pen
Customize a pen


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  • Page 1

    Contents User’s manual for ® Windows & Macintosh Bamboo Touch (CTT-460) Bamboo Pen (CTL-460) Bamboo & Bamboo Fun (CTH-460, CTH-461, CTH-661) Setting up Navigate with touch Customize touch ExpressKeys Use a pen Customize a pen Troubleshooting Contents Index ® Index...

  • Page 2: Contents Index

    Wacom reserves the right to revise this publication without obligation to provide notification of such changes. Wacom does its best to provide current and accurate information in this manual. However, Wacom reserves the right to change any specifications and product configurations at its discretion, without prior notice and without obligation to include such changes in this manual.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents About the manual Navigating the manual YOUR BAMBOO Identify your tablet model Bamboo Touch tablet Bamboo & Bamboo Fun tablets Bamboo Pen tablet Pen holder SETTING UP YOUR BAMBOO Ergonomics Configuring the tablet orientation Understanding the tablet active area Working with multiple monitors Control panel basics USING YOUR BAMBOO...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Pen (model LP-160E), for Bamboo Bamboo Fun small tablet (model CTH-461) Bamboo Fun medium tablet (model CTH-661) Pen (model LP-161E), for Bamboo Fun Bamboo Pen tablet (model CTL-460) Pen (model LP-160), for Bamboo Pen Product information Ordering parts and accessories Radio and television interference FCC notice Industry Canada (Canada only)

  • Page 5: About The Manual, Contents Index

    Also included is an overview of the pen and Microsoft Windows Vista. Note: This manual does not describe how to install your Wacom tablet. Please refer to your product Quick Start Guide and to the automated software installer (located on the Bamboo Installation CD) for details.

  • Page 6: Navigating The Manual, Index

    Contents NAVIGATING THE MANUAL Use the navigation controls to move through the manual: Go to front page. Go to table of contents. Contents Go to index. Index Go back to previous view. Page back, or page forward. topic Go to topic. Topic continued.

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Not all product models are available in all regions. • Your Bamboo tablet cannot be used with other Wacom pens or input devices, including those from a previous version Bamboo tablet. Nor can a pen from your new Bamboo tablet be used with other Wacom tablets or a previous version Bamboo tablet.

  • Page 8: Bamboo Touch Tablet

    Contents BAMBOO TOUCH TABLET USB cable Status LED Glows white when your Bamboo tablet is connected to an active USB port. Brightens when you touch the active area of the tablet or press an ExpressKey. Customizable ExpressKeys Contents Index Active area Use single- or two-finger input for clicking and Use two-finger input for gestures...

  • Page 9: Bamboo & Bamboo Fun Tablets, Model Cth

    Contents BAMBOO & BAMBOO FUN TABLETS USB cable Status LED Glows white when your Bamboo tablet is connected to an active USB port. Brightens when you touch the active area or press an ExpressKey. Glows amber when the pen is active, and brightens when the pen tip touches the tablet surface or when you press a pen button.

  • Page 10: Bamboo Pen Tablet, Model Ctl

    Contents BAMBOO PEN TABLET USB cable Status LED Glows white when your Bamboo tablet is connected to an active USB port. Brightens when the pen is active. Contents Index Active area This is the active area for pen input. Learn about your experience with Index Pen holder...

  • Page 11: Pen Holder

    Wacom recommends that you do not store the pen in a stand or holder other than the one provided with your Bamboo tablet. The pen may be damaged if it falls out of an unsuitable stand.

  • Page 12: Setting Up Your Bamboo, Ergonomics

    Control panel basics ERGONOMICS Note regarding RSI: Wacom makes no representation, promise or guarantee that Wacom products will cure or prevent, in whole or in part, mouse-induced repetitive stress symptoms, injuries or conditions. Individual results may vary. Always obtain competent medical advice to determine the most appropriate treatment for your specific situation.

  • Page 13

    Contents As you work, you will discover many ways of interacting with your Bamboo tablet. For example: Visual browsing Use two fingers on the tablet surface to scroll through and navigate visual media within an application. Photo editing Use the pressure-sensitive pen (when equipped) to edit images within a photo or image editing application.

  • Page 14: Configuring The Tablet Orientation

    Contents CONFIGURING THE TABLET ORIENTATION You are prompted to choose a default tablet orientation during the initial installation process using the Bamboo Installation CD. At the log-in and user switching screens, the tablet orientation will use the default orientation that was selected when the driver was installed. To change the default orientation, reinstall the driver using the Bamboo Installation CD and when prompted select a new default orientation.

  • Page 15: Understanding The Tablet Active Area

    Contents UNDERSTANDING THE TABLET ACTIVE AREA Depending on your tablet model, Bamboo can accept touch input, pen input, or both. Note, however, that pen and touch input cannot be used at the same time. Touch input On touch-sensitive tablet models, slide your finger across the active area to position the screen pointer.

  • Page 16

    Contents Pen input The pen works only on the active area of tablet models that support pen input. Wherever you place the pen on the tablet, the screen pointer will jump to the corresponding point on the screen. The screen pointer indicates pen position, and follows the movement of the pen across the tablet surface.

  • Page 17: Working With Multiple Monitors, Control Panel Basics

    Contents WORKING WITH MULTIPLE MONITORS If your computer is equipped with more than one monitor, Bamboo will map to your monitors based upon how they are configured in the display properties control panel. • If more than one monitor is in use and you are in extended monitor mode, the tablet maps to all monitors as if they were one large display.

  • Page 18: Using Your Bamboo, The Touch Experience With Bamboo

    Contents If you are new to using Bamboo, read the following sections. The touch experience with Bamboo The pen experience with Bamboo THE TOUCH EXPERIENCE WITH BAMBOO Bamboo is designed to enhance the way you work. Touch input enables you to interact with a computer using only your fingertips on the Bamboo tablet.

  • Page 19: Navigating With Touch

    Contents NAVIGATING WITH TOUCH The touch input feature of your Bamboo tablet enables you to control a computer using only your fingertips on the tablet surface. See understanding the tablet active Before learning how to control your computer with touch input, familiarize yourself with the following concepts: CONCEPT Track...

  • Page 20

    Contents Touch input options can be enabled or disabled within the Bamboo control panel and are dependent upon application support. Touch actions and gestures are available when selected in the T BASIC ACTIONS enable you to navigate and perform typical mouse operations. AP WITH ONE FINGER Contents Index...

  • Page 21

    Contents AP WITH ONE FINGER OUCH TO THE AP WITH TWO FINGERS Contents Index Double-click Using a single finger, track to an item. Lift your finger and tap twice. Select and drag (add touch to left) Using a single finger, track to an item. Select by touching your thumb or a second finger to the left of that finger.

  • Page 22

    Contents OUCH TO THE IGHT Contents Index Right-click (add touch to right) Using a single finger, track to an item. Then with a second finger touch and release to the right of that finger. Releasing your finger issues a right-click and brings up a context menu at the screen cursor position.

  • Page 23

    Contents GESTURES enable you to control functions such as scroll, zoom, and rotation. ESTURES CROLL ESTURES CROLL Contents Index Scroll Place two fingers on the tablet surface. Using a smooth motion, move your fingers together in parallel. • Scroll up by moving your fingers in an upward motion.

  • Page 24

    Contents ESTURES ESTURES OTATE Contents Index Zoom First place two fingers on the tablet surface. • Zoom-in by moving (expanding) your fingers away from one another. • Zoom-out by moving (pinching) your fingers toward one another. Note: If zoom functions do not operate correctly within Adobe Photoshop OOM WITH CROLL...

  • Page 25: Customizing Touch

    Contents ESTURES OTATE & B ESTURES ORWARD CUSTOMIZING TOUCH Use the Bamboo control panel to customize the touch input options for the way you like to interact with your tablet and computer. Opening the control panel Control panel overview Customize your touch experience Contents Index Rotate (rotate around finger)

  • Page 26: Expresskey Basics, Customizing The Expresskeys

    Contents EXPRESSKEY BASICS Most Bamboo tablet models feature customizable ExpressKeys. Note that ExpressKeys are not available for Bamboo Pen (model CTL-460). ExpressKeys Press individual keys to perform frequently used functions or keystrokes. ExpressKeys can also be used to modify touch or pen input properties as you work.

  • Page 27: The Pen Experience With Bamboo, Holding The Pen

    Contents THE PEN EXPERIENCE WITH BAMBOO Bamboo is designed to enhance the way you work. Bamboo tablet models equipped for pen input enable you to interact with a computer using the pen on the free, and pressure-sensitive. Note: For Bamboo tablets that support both pen and touch input, the pen disengages touch input whenever the pen tip or eraser is within the tablet from the tablet active area to re-enable touch input.

  • Page 28: Using The Pen On The Tablet, Positioning

    Contents USING THE PEN ON THE TABLET There are four basic techniques for using the pen: positioning, clicking, double-clicking, and dragging. If you are unfamiliar with using the pen, try the exercises on the following pages. Positioning Clicking Dragging Using the pen buttons Writing and drawing with pressure sensitivity Erasing Eye-hand coordination exercise...

  • Page 29

    Contents You can set the pen to position the screen cursor two different ways (see • , wherever you place the pen on the tablet, the screen cursor will jump to a corresponding point on the display screen. The screen pointer indicates pen position, and follows the movement of the pen across the tablet surface.

  • Page 30: Clicking, Dragging

    Contents CLICKING Click to highlight or select an item on the screen. Double-click to open it. Clicking. Tap the pen tip once on the tablet, or press the pen tip on the tablet with enough force to register a click. (If C LICK OUND Bamboo control panel and your computer speakers...

  • Page 31: Using The Pen Buttons

    Contents USING THE PEN BUTTONS The pen is equipped with two buttons. Each button has a programmable you press the button. You can use a pen button whenever the pen tip is within 7 mm (0.28 inch) of the tablet active area. You do not have to touch the pen tip to the tablet in order to use a button. The default button positions are: Upper: IGHT...

  • Page 32: Writing And Drawing With Pressure Sensitivity

    Contents WRITING AND DRAWING WITH PRESSURE SENSITIVITY The pen responds to your hand movements, enabling you to create natural-looking pen and brush strokes. digital ink tools in Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007, as well as the drawing tools in many graphics applications, respond to the pressure you place on the pen.

  • Page 33: Erasing

    Contents ERASING The pen eraser (when equipped) works like the eraser on a pencil. You can erase intuitively and naturally in graphics applications that support the pen eraser. When you use the pen eraser, the application will automatically switch to the eraser tool. In applications that support pressure sensitivity, you can select pressure-sensitive tools in an application’s tool palette to vary the width and...

  • Page 34: Eye-hand Coordination Exercise, Customizing Pen Input

    Contents EYE-HAND COORDINATION EXERCISE This exercise is designed to retrain your eye-hand coordination for using the pen: 1. Open any graphics application. Use the line tool to draw a rectangular grid with line spacings of about 20-25 mm (3/4 to 1 inch). You can use your traditional mouse to do this. 2.

  • Page 35: Customizing Your Bamboo, Opening The Control Panel

    The control panel displays only those tabs and options that apply to your tablet model and configuration. Note: When more than one Wacom tablet is installed on a single computer, any changes made in the Bamboo control panel will be applied only to the tablet that was last used before opening the control panel.

  • Page 36: Control Panel Overview

    Contents CONTROL PANEL OVERVIEW After opening the control panel, you can begin customizing Bamboo. Customizable settings are found on each tab. The tabs that apply to your tablet model and configuration are displayed when you open the control panel. Displays information about the control panel and driver.

  • Page 37: Customize Your Touch Experience, Setting The Touch Speed

    Contents CUSTOMIZE YOUR TOUCH EXPERIENCE The control panel touch options enable you to customize Bamboo for the way you like to interact with your tablet and computer when using touch input. Setting the touch speed Setting the touch functions Setting tablet and ExpressKey functions Disabling touch SETTING THE TOUCH SPEED Select the T...

  • Page 38: Setting The Touch Functions

    Contents SETTING THE TOUCH FUNCTIONS Select the T tab. OUCH UNCTIONS Touch input options can be enabled or disabled and are dependent upon application support. Change the settings to customize how touch input works. Touch actions and gestures are available when selected. So that you may work in different ways, some functions (such as a right-click) can be performed using different...

  • Page 39: Setting Tablet And Expresskey Functions

    Contents SETTING TABLET AND EXPRESSKEY FUNCTIONS Choose the T tab to set the tablet orientation and to customize the ExpressKeys. ABLET Tablet orientation Change how your tablet is oriented by selecting R input. The tablet driver automatically configures all aspects of the tablet for the selected option.

  • Page 40: Disabling Touch

    Contents DISABLING TOUCH Choose the T tab to disable and enable touch input. ABLET Available for tablet models configured for pen and touch input. • Select to D ISABLE ALL TOUCH INPUT and work with the ExpressKeys and pen only. •...

  • Page 41: Customize Your Pen Experience

    Contents CUSTOMIZE YOUR PEN EXPERIENCE Customizing your pen is easy. Use the pen to open the Bamboo control panel. You can then customize Bamboo for the way you like to interact with your tablet and computer when using pen input. Setting eraser feel Setting the pen button functions Setting tip feel and double-click...

  • Page 42: Setting The Tip And Eraser Feel And Double-click Distance

    Contents SETTING THE TIP AND ERASER FEEL, AND DOUBLE-CLICK DISTANCE Select the P tab. To create broad brush strokes or to click with a light touch, use a soft tip setting. For maximum control while drawing thin lines, use a firm tip setting. To erase with a broad stroke or to click with a light touch, use a soft eraser setting.

  • Page 43: Setting The Pen Button Functions

    Contents SETTING THE PEN BUTTON FUNCTIONS Select the P tab to change the functions assigned to the buttons on your pen. Each pen button can be set to simulate a variety of mouse functions. Select the function to perform when pressing the upper or lower pen button.

  • Page 44: Setting The Tablet Mapping

    Contents SETTING THE TABLET MAPPING Select the P tab to set the tablet mapping. The tablet T relationship between pen movement on the tablet surface and cursor movement on the monitor screen. By default the entire active area of the tablet maps to the entire monitor. If more than one monitor is in use the tablet will map to all monitors.

  • Page 45

    Contents When you click on the P Use the S options to select a screen area CREEN for tablet to screen mapping. • . The entire monitor(s) area is CREENS mapped; this is the default setting. See with multiple monitors for more information.

  • Page 46: Portion Of Screen Area

    Contents PORTION OF SCREEN AREA The tracking options in the P screen your tablet will map to: LL SCREENS ONITOR ORTION Contents Index dialog box allow you to define which portion of the display ETAILS Maps the entire monitor(s) area. This is the default setting. working with multiple monitors.

  • Page 47: Portion Of Tablet Area

    Contents PORTION OF TABLET AREA The tracking options in the P mapped to the screen area: ORTION Contents Index dialog box allow you to define the tablet area that will be ETAILS The entire active area of the tablet is mapped. This is the default setting. Allows you to select a portion of the tablet active area for tablet to screen mapping.

  • Page 48: Setting The Pen Speed In Mouse Mode

    Contents SETTING THE PEN SPEED IN MOUSE MODE To change the screen cursor acceleration and speed when using the pen in M ... button (located on the P OUSE ETAILS make your adjustments. Sets the screen cursor acceleration when in OUSE Returns settings to their factory defaults.

  • Page 49: Customizing The Pop-up Menu

    Contents CUSTOMIZING THE POP-UP MENU The Pop-up Menu is available for tablet models that are configured for both pen and touch input. tab to create the custom menu and define the available functions that will appear Select the P in the menu. To display the Pop-up Menu, set a pen button to the P button, the Pop-up Menu is displayed at the screen cursor position.

  • Page 50: Button Functions

    Contents BUTTON FUNCTIONS FUNCTION LICKS • LICK • IGHT LICK • IDDLE LICK • OUBLE LICK • LICK • LICK • LICK ORWARD RASE Contents Index The following options are available for ExpressKey and pen button settings. Not all options are available for all controls. DESCRIPTION Simulates a primary mouse button click.

  • Page 51

    Contents FUNCTION EYSTROKE ODIFIER Contents Index DESCRIPTION Enables you to simulate keystrokes. Select this option to display the dialog box. EFINE EYSTROKE Enter a keystroke or keystroke combination in the K Keystroke combinations can include letters, numbers, function keys (such as F3) and modifier keys (such as S Windows, or SHIFT OPTION...

  • Page 52

    Contents FUNCTION CROLL ESKTOP WITCH PPLICATIONS Contents Index DESCRIPTION Displays a Pop-up Menu on your screen. See Menu for more information. Pen only. Enables you to position a document or image in any direction within the active pane by pressing a pen button set for P then dragging with the pen tip across the tablet’s active area.

  • Page 53

    Contents FUNCTION OUCH OGGLE OGGLE ABLET • PC I ABLET NPUT ANEL • OURNAL XPOSÉ RESSURE OGGLE ISABLED EFAULT Contents Index DESCRIPTION Available for Bamboo and Bamboo Fun. T you are working with the pen and want to prevent accidental touch input (e.g., to prevent an accidental right-click).

  • Page 54: Problems With Your Bamboo

    Contents PROBLEMS WITH YOUR BAMBOO? Most of the time your tablet will work flawlessly. But if you are having trouble, Wacom recommends you do the following: 1. If the tablet driver failed to load properly, first perform the recommended action in any error message that may appear on your screen.

  • Page 55: Testing Your Tablet

    Contents TESTING YOUR TABLET 1. Turn on your computer and wait until the system has fully loaded. 2. Check the connection. The tablet status LED should glow whenever the tablet is properly connected and your computer has registered it as a USB device. If not: •...

  • Page 56: Testing A Pen

    Contents TESTING A PEN 1. First perform the procedures for 2. Check the pen by opening the Bamboo control panel and selecting the P button to return the pen to its default settings. Next: • Touch the pen tip and then the eraser (when equipped) to the tablet active area. The status LED should brighten each time the tip or eraser makes contact with the tablet surface.

  • Page 57: Troubleshooting Tables, General Problems

    Your problem may be described here, and you can try the solution offered. Be sure to check the Read Me file for the latest information updates. For additional information, visit Wacom’s web site at http://www.wacom.com/productsupport. General problems Touch input problems...

  • Page 58: Touch Input Problems

    Contents TOUCH INPUT PROBLEMS Touch input does not work. Touch input does not seem to fully work. The screen cursor can be moved, but more complex actions or gestures do not work. The tablet does not reliably recognize two fingers. Cannot zoom-in or zoom-out when working with Adobe Photoshop.

  • Page 59: Pen Input Problems

    Contents PEN INPUT PROBLEMS The pen does not position the screen cursor, or otherwise work. The pen does not draw or ink with pressure sensitivity. Clicking is difficult. Double-clicking is difficult. The pen selects everything, will not stop selecting. The eraser (when equipped) selects everything or will not stop erasing.

  • Page 60: Windows-specific Problems

    Contents You have to press hard with the pen when clicking, drawing, or writing. The pen tip does not function. The screen cursor jumps back. The upper or lower pen button does not work. Cannot move the cursor where you want to on the screen, or the line you are drawing does not line up with the location of the pointer in...

  • Page 61: Mac-specific Problems

    U . Select USB from the H ROFILER A Wacom USB tablet model should be listed. If a tablet model is not listed, check the USB tablet cable connection or try plugging the tablet into a different USB port.

  • Page 62

    4. Test the Inkwell function using your tablet and pen. 5. If this procedure does not resolve your problem with Inkwell, contact Apple Support for further assistance. Wacom is not the software manufacturer for Inkwell and we are limited in our abilities to support a third party software application.

  • Page 63: Technical Support Options

    Read Me file for your platform (located on the Bamboo Installation CD). You can also check the product FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on the Wacom web site for your region. If you have an Internet connection you can download the latest software drivers from the Wacom web site for your region. See...

  • Page 64: Obtaining Driver Downloads

    Contents OBTAINING DRIVER DOWNLOADS Wacom periodically updates the tablet software driver to maintain compatibility with new products. If you are having a compatibility problem between Bamboo and a new hardware or software product, it may be helpful to download a new Wacom tablet software driver (when available) from the Internet.

  • Page 65: Appendix

    Contents This section contains tips on caring for Bamboo, instructions on how to uninstall the tablet software, information about digital inking, your license and warranty, and more. Caring for Bamboo Replacing the pen nib Uninstalling the software Pen and digital ink capabilities in Windows Vista About the Windows Vista Tablet PC Input Panel Product specifications Product information...

  • Page 66: Caring For Bamboo, Replacing The Pen Nib

    Contents CARING FOR BAMBOO Keep your Bamboo tablet surface and pen (when equipped) clean. Dust and dirt particles can stick to the pen and cause excessive wear to the tablet surface. Regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth will help to prolong the life of your tablet surface and pen;...

  • Page 67: Uninstalling The Software

    Contents UNINSTALLING THE SOFTWARE Follow the appropriate procedure below to remove the tablet driver software from your system. Important: When you remove the tablet software from your system, your tablet will no longer operate with full tablet functionality but will continue to function as a mouse device. Windows Vista: Click on the Windows window, click on U NINSTALL A...

  • Page 68: Pen And Digital Ink Capabilities In Windows Vista

    Windows Vista training tools and Tablet PC tutorial. You can access the Tablet PC Pen Training from the Vista S RAINING Note: The following workarounds in the Wacom tablet driver improve drawing performance in Vista: • The Vista Pen Flicks and ‘press-and-hold-to-right-click’ features are disabled in graphics applications using the Wintab API.

  • Page 69: About The Windows Vista Tablet Pc Input Panel

    Microsoft Office applications. Be sure to take advantage of the Windows Vista training tools, including the Tablet PC tutorial, available from Microsoft. You can visit also the Wacom web site at www.wacom.com/vista for more information on working with the pen in Windows Vista.

  • Page 70: Product Specifications, General Specifications, Bamboo Touch Tablet (model Ctt-460), Bamboo Tablet (model Cth-460)

    Contents PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Aspect ratio Coordinate resolution, pen Touch input resolution Accuracy, pen Accuracy, touch Pen detection height Reading height with pen, average Report rate, pen Report rate, touch ExpressKeys stroke Communication interface Connector Cable length Power requirements Operating temperature Storage temperature Operating relative humidity...

  • Page 71: Pen (model Lp-160e), For Bamboo, Bamboo Fun Small Tablet (model Cth-461)

    Contents PEN (MODEL LP-160E), FOR BAMBOO Pen tip travel Pressure levels Eraser tip travel Physical size (L x D) Weight Pen tip type BAMBOO FUN SMALL TABLET (MODEL CTH-461) Touch active area (W x D) Pen active area (W x D) Physical size (W x D x H) Weight BAMBOO FUN MEDIUM TABLET (MODEL CTH-661)

  • Page 72: Bamboo Pen Tablet (model Ctl-460), Pen (model Lp-160), For Bamboo Pen

    Contents BAMBOO PEN TABLET (MODEL CTL-460) Pen active area (W x D) Physical size (W x D x H) Weight PEN (MODEL LP-160), FOR BAMBOO PEN Pen tip travel Pressure levels Physical size (L x D) Weight Pen tip type Contents Index 147.2 x 92.0 mm (5.80 x 3.62 in)

  • Page 73: Product Information, Ordering Parts And Accessories

    Korea Taiwan Thailand ORDERING PARTS AND ACCESSORIES To purchase parts and accessories, refer to the Wacom tablet Read Me file and see who to call for your region. You can also do the following: • To purchase parts and accessories in the USA or Canada, call 1.888.884.1870 (toll-free) or visit Wacom’s web site at http://www.WacomDirect.com (USA only).

  • Page 74: Radio And Television Interference, Fcc Notice

    Plug the equipment and computer into an outlet that is on a different circuit from the television or radio. If necessary, consult your Wacom dealer or an experienced radio/television technician for help. Changes or modifications to this product not authorized by Wacom could void the FCC Certification and negate your authority to operate the product.

  • Page 75: Industry Canada (canada Only), Ce Declaration

    • EN55024 : 1998+A1:2001+A2:2003 Based on the results of these tests, Wacom declares that the above mentioned device conforms to Directive 2004/108/EC and indicates this conformity by the CE-sign on each device. The device must be installed and operated always in strict accordance with the instructions given in this handbook.

  • Page 76: Precautions, Warnings

    Stop using the product and contact your local distributor or the Wacom customer support center for your region. Do not expose this product to water or other liquids. Take care to never spill liquids onto the tablet or pen (when equipped).

  • Page 77: Cautions

    If equipped with a pen and a distorted or bent pen nib is used, the pen tool may operate improperly. Therefore, do not apply excessive force when using the pen. • If equipped with a pen, using a pen nib other than one specifically designed by Wacom for your pen input tool may cause product malfunction. •...

  • Page 78: Software License, Limited Warranty

    CD-ROM (the “Software”). The Software is licensed, not sold, to you for use only with Wacom products upon the terms of this license, and Wacom reserves any rights not expressly granted to you. Wacom grants to you a non-exclusive right to use this copy of the Software in conjunction with a Wacom product at a single location.

  • Page 79: Warranty Service In The U.s.a. And Canada

    LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. In the event that any of the above limitations are held unenforceable, Wacom’s liability for any damages to you or any party shall not exceed the purchase price you paid, regardless of the form of any claim.

  • Page 80: Warranty On Sales Outside Of The U.s.a. And Canada

    To obtain technical support or Warranty service within Southeast Asia, Oceania and Taiwan, please contact the Wacom Customer Support Service. Phone numbers can be found here: http://www.wacom-asia.com/support/contact Should you have any questions about this Agreement, or if you desire to contact Wacom for any reason, please contact in writing: IN NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA...

  • Page 81: Software Licence Agreement

    WACOM Europe GmbH ("WACOM"). This software is an integral component of the product and is also held on the associated data carrier. The software of WACOM and the associated rights of use are not included with the purchase of this product from your retailer. WACOM grants you-the user-the right to use the software exclusively in accordance with the conditions stipulated in this licence agreement.

  • Page 82: Limited Warranty

    WACOM, nor for damages arising from wilful or grossly negligent behaviour on the part of WACOM, from damages leading to loss of life, personal injury or sickness or in the case of binding legal provisions.

  • Page 83

    Should a provision be invalid, the legally permissible regulation most closely resembling the invalid regulation shall apply in its place. If you have any questions about this agreement, or would like to contact WACOM for another reason, please contact us by post at this address:...

  • Page 84: Glossary

    Contents Active area. The navigation and drawing area of your Bamboo tablet where touch or pen input is detected. touch sensor. Aspect. The ratio between the vertical and horizontal dimension of the tablet or display. Click force. The amount of force you must apply to the tip of the pen for a click to occur. Digital Ink.

  • Page 85

    Contents Mouse acceleration. A setting that allows you to adjust the screen cursor acceleration when your pen is in mouse mode. Mouse mode. A method for positioning the screen cursor. When you place the pen on your Bamboo tablet, you can move the screen cursor with a “pick up and slide” motion similar to using a traditional mouse.

  • Page 86

    Contents Tablet PC Input Panel (TIP). The Microsoft Windows Vista Tablet PC Input Panel enables you to use your pen to create handwritten notes or work with an on-screen keyboard. The Input Panel dynamically converts your handwriting to text. The information you create can then be inserted into other documents, spreadsheets, or illustrations.

  • Page 87: Index

    Contents About the manual Accessories and parts, ordering Active area, understanding Bamboo caring for customizing Expresskey basics pen input problems with product features tablets matrix the pen experience the touch experience touch input troubleshooting using Button functions Care, for Bamboo Cautions CE declaration Click sound...

  • Page 88

    Contents Manual about navigating Mapping tablet to multiple monitors Monitors, working with multiple Navigating the manual Navigation, customizing for touch input Nib, replacing Ordering parts and accessories Orientation configuring for tablet setting for tablet Overview, control panel Parts and accessories, ordering buttons customizing using...

  • Page 89

    Contents testing touch model features tracking Tablet PC Input Panel, about Technical support options Testing tablet customizing feel replacing Touch adjusting touch speed basic actions customizing disabling gestures input problems, troubleshooting input, customizing navigating with Contents Index options setting navigation features setting touch functions speed, adjusting the experience...

  • Page 90: Wacom International Offices

    WACOM AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. Unit 8, Stage 1 Cumberland Green 2-8 South Street Rydalmere NSW 2116 Australia Telephone: +61.2.9422.6700 Fax: +61.2.9420.2272 WACOM TAIWAN INFORMATION CO., LTD. Suite 605, 6th floor, No. 205 Tun-Hwa North Road Taipei, 105 Taiwan Telephone: +886.2.2712.2675 Fax: +886.2.2712.9789 Contents...

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