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Troubleshooting; Cleaning; Care And Maintenance - Vizualogic HindsightTM Owner's Manual

Backup monitor system - lcd monitor & ccd color camera
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• No Display: (Screen is black)
- Verify that +12V power is correctly supplied to the
A/V Control Module.
- Verify that the Monitor Cable is connected to the
A/V Control Module.
- Verify that the + 12V circuit is on (i.e. ignition position).
- Verify that the Setup Operations steps were taken. (Page 4)
• No video: (screen displays blue screen)
- Make sure that all cables are connected properly.
- Make sure that the Camera Cable is connected to the
A/V Control Module.
- Make sure the the Monitor power switch is toggled On.

Care and Maintenance

Your backup monitor system is a product of superior design and crafts-
manship and should be treated with care. The suggestions below will
help to fulfill warranty obligations and to provide many years
of enjoyment.
Cleaning the Monitor Screen and Housing:
• The components may be cleaned by gentle wiping with a soft,
lint-free, cotton cloth that has been slightly dampened with water.
CAUTION: Do not use liquids, abrasives, aerosol cleaners, or
paper cleaning products because they will result in permanent
damage to the finish of your components! The LCD screen is made
of a specially coated glass and can be scratched or damaged by
abrasive or ammonia-based window cleaners.
• Use and Storage:
- These units contain precision electronics that must be
protected from dust, dirt, and moisture.
- Never spill liquids on any of the components. Liquids,
humidity, and precipitation contain minerals that will
corrode electronic circuits.
• Take care to avoid the following:
- Rough handling can break internal circuit boards. Do not
drop, knock, or shake the components.
- Do not attempt to paint or refinish the components. Paint can
clog moving parts and prevent proper operation.
- The components can be damaged by non-expert handling.
Attempting to open any of the components may void the
Limited Warranty.



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