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Welcome - Sharp Zaurus SL-C Series Quick Start Manual

Linux personal mobile tool


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SL-C1000/3x00 Quickstart
///TRIsoft OHG


Thank you for buying the SHARP SL-C1000 / SL-C3000 / SL-C3100 / SL-C3200.
This device is not sold from SHARP out of Japan. It is a Japanese device with English
user interface and English keyboard.
If you are mainly interested in a calendar, addressbook, etc., you are perhaps better off
with a simple organizer.
But if you are looking for a mobile Linux system with excellent performance, you have
made the right choice.
Each device is tested and localised by us in English in most aspects, before it is shipped.
So you can start at once, without navigating through Kanji characters.
The Zaurus will start in Japanese after a factory-reset. But do not be afraid, the steps for
localisation are described on page 22.
Please note that SHARP Electronics Europe / SHARP USA does not support this device.
For further information, links and questions visit us in the internet at
The largest german-speaking (sorry) Zaurus-Community is to be found at
at and on .
In case of technical problems, you can reach us via electronic mail: or
via telephone: +49 511 94294 0
US customers please contact
This english version of the quickstart guide was supported by the team of Werner Heuser
/, Berlin.
SHARP and Zaurus are registered trademarks of the SHARP Corporation.
Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
QT and QTopia are trademarks of Trolltech Inc.
All other products, brand names or in this manual mentioned company names are
property and trademark of the particular companies.
SHARP SL-C1000/3x00
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